Learn Your Body

Education Category: General, Language
Ages: 8-12

Different creative activities, whereby children will learn the different body parts.

- Tables with chairs and enough space to work individually
- Set the table with one magazine per child or they can share by working together as a team of two.
- Glue and scissors in the middle to share.

Exercise 1:

Important rule(s):
- Let the children name and learn body parts and construct a puppet made of paper.
- Let them name the body-part when they tear out a shablon and when they glue it on the sheet.
- See if the child glues the right and left hand and foot on the right place by teaching them 'right & left'.

Content of the activity:
- Give the children their own sheet and magazine , crayons, scissors and glue.
- Explain and let them name the body parts on the sheet.
- Assist the children with cutting and pasting.
- Guide them when they are working together and in teams
- Make sure everyone understands what it meant by waiting turns and sharing
- If the work is done you can let the children show their completed puppets to each other and let them name the body parts.

Make it more easy:
- Start with the head only
- Be sure everyone has cut out and pasted
- Hand in other body parts in turns
- When the puppet is completed they can all start with coloring.


Make it more challenging:
Give the children a puppet-body  with a missing body part and make them find and name the part which is missing.
See the example sheets! If the legs are missing they have to look for legs in the magazine and cut them out. Then paste them on the working sheet where the legs are missing.


Learning body circumferences and creating a ready made puppet sihouette out of box:
A child lies on a piece of large paper (like wallpaper roll).
The teacher or another child draws the contours along her body and creates an outline drawing.
Nice to use crayons and differnt colors.
When ready call out body parts alltoghether while guiding them coloring
This can also be a good activity on the playground with a sidewalk chalk.



Exercise 1 Activity Sheet:

Head: find eyes, nose, mouth, ears in a magazine, cut, paste and name:


Body: find bodyparts in a magazine, cut, paste and name:


Naming the Missing Body Parts:


Learning goals:

1- Learning the names of body parts by consructing a puppet.
2- Understanding 'left and right'.
3- Fine motor skills by using craft
4- Working in groups, teams, waiting for turns and sharing tools.


  • Working sheet : with head and body part outlines of the puppet
  • Old magazines for cutting or tearing out the body parts
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Crayons
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