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I love children who ...

A game to play with children so that they can pay attention to how they look like and discover similarities-differences amongst each other.

Arrenge the kids in a circle on a chair. You will stand in the middle.
Now call out: 'I love children  who ... wear a jeans / with earings/ long hair/ etc.  'The children with jeans stand up and find another seat.
Now call something else mak it fun and imaginative!
eg:  I love children who have a tail!  Children witha a tail stand up and should find another seat.

Then involve yourself too and try to get a seat.

Now there remains one kid. That kid is in the middle of the circle and says: I love children who..... and then tries to grab a chair etc.

You can verify the game by adding some creative action such as :

I love children who clap hands,

I love children who can jump like a frog

I love children who can fly like a plane


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