Title: My College Graduation
My College Graduation

My graduation was epic. 

I panicked a little when I was told that I was going to deliver a speech. I never thought why or expected much. I never really cared about my grades, I just wanted to have good ones. I panicked though because I was scared to go on stage and speak to the whole academe and parents. I was scared of the bright lights, the flashes and the migraine that might come from being physically overtly sensitive to light. What else, I was questioning myself what good am I that I were to deliver a speech in behalf of all of the graduates. I wrote and wrote and threw a lot of papers. I was just glad that Chris Way was visiting/volunteering for World Experience Philippines/WEP and he helped me check my speech. I had my gallery supervisor check it too and I would have probably have everyone check it, because I was that nervous.

I also almost would have never graduated. I found out 3 days before my graduation that my transcript of records that I requested 4 years before wasn't delivered. So, I had to personally get it and deliver it to the college. I got lost, then crossed a flooding street while finding my way. I also then had to call begged the college registrar to wait for me before she goes home to close the office. But thankfully, I beat the deadline, or else...

Then, I found out that I was Magna Cum laude, this was why I was chosen to deliver the speech. Posters was circulated in our College group page, but I begged everyone in it in a post not to tag me or something in Facebook. I wanted to keep it a secret and surprise my family. My mother particularly was a bit hesitant as to why I would be delivering a speech. I don't think she has great hopes for me, that she even said it will be impossible for me to be even a cum laude because I was just a transferee from another college and from another course. What she said ofcourse hurt me badly, but I also think that I shouldn't care and let it affect me if she doesn't care. I will do as I please and be responsible for myself.

When the graduation day came, we arrived seperately, as I had to have my make-up done from a friend. We met on the venue and they paid no attention to the big tarpaulin with my face on it. I surprised them that I was Magna Cum Laude, and I liked the feeling of proving somebody else wrong. Don't get it wrong, we are okay and I'm just glad to overcome every circumstance life presented in my way. It makes me stronger and wiser.

Most of all, I think what is more important was what I felt after everything that happened. I feel that it was epic how I was able to represent people and they agreed with me, or rather what I said in the speech. And, I'm glad about it.



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Congratulations (from the

Congratulations (from the Netherlands)! It seems to have been a hectic but rewarding day. Good luck with your next step after graduation.

Thank you! :)

Thank you! :)

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