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Mini CV
Travel & Move: 
I remember always moving from one place to another, and I remember spending the summer and holidays with my grandmother. Since I was twelve, I worked for her.
I helped with the Palay and rice business. Farmers used to come to our store and sell their newly harvested palay, and I would compute how much I will give them per sack. When Christmas holidays are around the corner, I remember giving out t-shirts, and calendars to them when they come to the store. I also remember walking to the bakery everyday just to buy our laborers some bread. My grandmother also made me calculate every centavo, and every excess will be donated to church. I remember dealing with nuns as they order sacks of rice for their convent. They have a discounted price and I am not sure that they know. Most of all, I remember waking up at 4 am so that I can accompany my grandmother to church everyday. She promised God that if he saved me when i was a baby, she will go to church everyday. And she did until she died, and I couldn't be more grateful to accompany her until the best as I can.
Experience & Leisure: 
I dream of world peace, and harmony in chaos. So I dream of being President or at least a government official who can make laws. So if I would be President for a day, I would: 1.
Introduce a Modern Health System that would use a device to record every patient's history, accessible to every doctor and health care professional, which will be useful when it comes to accidents and or emergency situations and the like. 2. Get rid of homeless people, and offer them a temporary home, financial assistance, and counselling, until they can get back to their feet- a kind of rehabilitation. 3. Introduce a Traffic and Parking system that will ease the flow of our roads, in spite of every inflation in the population, by making roads on top of roads, converting buildings to be designated as parking areas, and providing bicycles, skateboards, push carts and etc for rent from one point to end point. 4. Introduce a standard of how to handle people going in and out of every country that provides respect to every nationality, and culture in every side. (I still don't agree with Brexit. haha, but this is hard to explain) 5. Emphasize the significance of values, social norms, religious diversity, and cultural understanding of our own and other nationalities in classes, starting from elementary school, along with sex education. 6. Supersede the making of a law that makes the excess funds/budget of every sector of the government be donated or be used to other sectors or charities which lack thereof. 7. Allow common people, in emphasis to their particular field of work or life, to express what they think regarding the law that will be implemented, particularly it the law will help them or not, before it will be implemented. Implementation then will be through voting. 8. Supersede the construction of children's playground in the slum areas, and or designate a sanitary and child friendly place where working parents can leave their children while they are not around, for free. 9. Allocate budget for nursing homes, and inspect them. 10. Introduce laws all over the world that gives penalty/imprisonment to whoever disrespects another's religion. However, constructive criticism will be an exception. 11.... (I might dream more)
Learn & Develop: 
My college thesis is entitled "Art Therapy vs Confessional Art: A Comparison Through Personal Experience".
This study aims to emphasise that art can be used as a form of therapy, and to prevent temporary and permanent mental illness, one must not be afraid to express themselves.
Help & Change: 
I believe that any institution should learn to change, even the little things to survive the ever modernising environment and culture.
I therefore give my support by sharing my thoughts, dreams, and heart.
Work & Initiate: 
I studied Medical Technology for 4 years, and realised that I hate it. Now I am an artist, dreaming to be a professional. With this, I found my way to working with World Experience Philippines.
I am now a part time gallery assistant for Sining Kamalig Gallery, and sometimes helping Smokey Tours with its graphic design needs.


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