Travel to Asia to backpack, study, intern, volunteer, work or live as a digital nomad, expat or emigrant?

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Life and experiences in Asia

Backpacking in Asia

  • Asia is the ultimate continent for backpackers and the birthplace of backpacking.
  • Features: the highest mountains, the most beautiful islands, the greatest cultural differences, the most varied cuisine, many traveling nationalities, many safe and inexpensive destinations.

Travel in Asia

  • A trip through Asia is a journey where you can alternate ancient cultures with paradise like beaches, and combine busy metropolises with tropical jungles.
  • Cities and island spotting: Bombay (Mumbai), Bali, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo.
  • Animal spotting: Gibbons, Coral Fish, Elephants, Orang Utans, Tigers, Yaks.
  • Nature Spotting: Himalayas, jungles of southeast Asia, underwater world of Indian Ocean, sawas.

Studying in Asia

  • Studies: basically all subjects and forms of education can be found.
  • Study cities: Jakarta, Shanghai, Singapore.
  • Characteristics: education varies in quality from country to country and location to location.

Internships in Asia

  • Internships: internships can be found in all sectors of society. The tourism sector has the most supply.
  • Internship cities and islands: Bangkok, Jakarta, HongKong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore.
  • Characteristics: The work culture in many Asian countries consists of fairly long and fairly hard work.

Volunteer work in Asia

  • Volunteer projects: especially in the social sectors, wildlife management and animal care.
  • Animal projects: protection of monkeys, elephants, birds, sea turtles and the tropical jungles.
  • Characteristics: volunteering possible from 1 or 2 weeks to several months.

Working in Asia

  • Jobs: temporary work can be found mainly in the sectors: hospitality, education and tourism.
  • Characteristics: the work culture can vary considerably per country and location.

Working as a digital nomad in Asia

  • Favorite cities and islands: Bali, Philippines, Katmandu, Kuala Lumpur and the Thai islands.
  • Characteristics: great places where the good life often combines well with the working life.

Living in Asia

  • Language: English is not spoken everywhere, increasingly in the remoter places.
  • However, in the many areas some knowledge of the local language is necessary.
  • Characteristics: The people in many Asian countries are friendly and at the same time not always easy to understand.
  • The influences of Hinduism or Buddhism are evident in locations.


JoHo WorldSupporter spotlight content about Asia

Hi! Since I have been to Japan a couple of times and since the country is becoming more and more popular, I decided to make a magazine where you can find many Japan-related blogs to guide you through your travel plans. :) Enjoy!


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When traveling is your hobby and want to keep your personal stuff safe in the airplane, train, bus, boat or when u sleep in a hostel. Use a travelsafe! Find out what kind of travelsafe is usefull for you, click here!  

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