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Intro: life and experiences in Tajikistan

By now the civil war is in the distant past and the doors are open to the adventurous among us. Located on the western slopes of the Pamir Mountains, visitors will be amazed at the beauty and hospitality of this relatively unknown little country. Despite about seven decades of Soviet culture, the country has retained much of the original culture and traditions. For example, outside the cities you will find some people still walking around in traditional costumes and followers of Zarathustra can even be found in some mountain villages. In the west are the two main cities of Tajikistan; Dushanbe (capital) in the middle and Khudjand in the north (in the Ferghana valley). Between these two cities lies the beautiful Fan Mountains with breathtaking mountain lakes. To the east lies the famous Pamir Mountains with Peak Somoni (7495 m) as its peak. Keep in mind that due to the rugged mountain ranges in Tajikistan, it is not an easily travelable country. But definitely worth the effort...

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