Travel to Taiwan to backpack, study, intern, volunteer, work or live as a digital nomad, expat or emigrant?

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Intro: life and experiences in Taiwan

Why study, intern, volunteer or work temporarily in Taiwan?

  • Taiwan has an interesting mix between Japanese and Chinese influences, not so strange considering that the (tropical) island belonged to both countries in the past. Taipei is an international city, with tall buildings (Taipei 101!), scooters, people who speak English and a huge amount of vegetarian restaurants (as a change from the meaty Chinese food). The city is a good introduction to a future trip to China, or other parts of the country that are a little less modernized. Taiwan is also a good destination for beautiful natural parks.
  • Taiwan has a rich culture and history to explore. There is much to explore: temples, historical sites and museums.
  • Taiwan has a diverse landscape, with mountains, beaches, forests and lakes. You can easily hike, bike, swim and do other outdoor activities.
  • The standard of living in Taiwan is relatively affordable.
  • You can get around easily without a car. All cities and towns are generally easily accessible by public transportation.
  • Be aware that the well-known bureaucracy can make things like visa applications complicated and time-consuming to arrange.

Why live in Taiwan as an expat, emigrant or working nomad?

  • Because of the high quality of life.
  • Because of the efficient health care system.
  • Because of a well-developed economy.
  • Because of the low crime rate and sense of security.
  • Because of the clean environment.
  • Because of its hospitable and friendly residents.
  • Because of the good work ethic and commitment to work of employees.
  • Because of the career opportunities for expats.
  • That it is helpful to speak a little Mandarin. Communicating with locals can be difficult if you don't speak any Mandarin.
  • Taiwan has a humid climate, which is not pleasant for everyone.
  • Stay informed about political relations and possible tensions.
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