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Volunteering at Smokey Tours

Volunteering at Smokey Tours (part of World Activity Philippines) in Manila and furthermore travelled to San Juan, Sagada, Banaue in North Luzon. Visited Ati Atihan festival in Kalibo and partying in Boracay.

Vrijwilligerswerk en rondreis door de Filipijnen

De eerste 10 weken ga ik aan het werk bij ECPAT Philippines. ECPAT staat voor End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography And Trafficking of children for sexual purposes. ECPAT zet zich wereldwijd in voor de bestrijding van seksuele uitbuiting van kinderen. De laatste 3 weken ga ik een rondreis m...


Habits and philosophies from all around Asia

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Habits in Japan Bonsai Japanese people recreate nature in miniature, this specific horticulture is called bonsai.&...

Sustainability seeds and effects

Sustainability Looking back at 2017, focussing on the positive. I have been asked to talk, and sometimes even as a Keynote Speaker on Conferences. My talks are about Sustainability. I did some research and taught myself all about Sustainability. It was a journey and I would like to share that with y...

Waterfall in the Philippines

Although preparing yourself for travel is different for everyone, here are some general guidelines for your trip to The Philippines. Please feel free to add your personal advice in the Comment & Contributions section. Arrange a flight For cheap flights, it is always best to book far in adva...


Ik lees een interessant artikel over het initiatief van David Katz, een ontwikkelingsondernemer uit Canada die de Plastic Bank heeft opgezet. Plastic wordt tegen een eerlijke prijs ingekocht bij verzamelers in ontwikkelingslanden, vervolgens verscheept naar westerse landen, die het recyclen voor ind...


How would your life change if your house burned down? What if you lost almost everything you owned in one snap?  January 11, 2019 (Friday)  2 blocks of streets including 50 houses in the Baseco manila were burned down, 120 families are victims and almost 400 people were affected, when we h...

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Wave threading in Manila

There isn't enough work in Manila so the people here do basic jobs such as weaving clothes or wielding in order to make local furniture. Clothes are then sold in order to make enought money to sustain themselves.


Check the image for my statement of the week.  "We're al brave until we realize the cockroach has wings". I remember seeing my first flying cockroach for the first time. Do you?


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philippines sea

The Philippines has a tropical climate with some areas that are rainy all year round, others with a distinct wet and dry season and others that have a shorter dry season and cooler temperatures all year round. So when is the best time to visit?

  • Between January and April. It’s gene...

Banaue Rice Terraces

Let a local guide show you the rice terraces that are commonly referred to by Filipinos as the "Eighth Wonder of the World". A van will take you to several viewpoints enabling you to enjoy the green and stunning landscapes. You will be informed about the Ifugao culture that revolves around rice. Get...

Filipijnen Cabiokid Foundation

Ik ga mee met een vrijwilligersproject van IBO Nederland. Dit project is in Isebela, Filipijnen. Cabiokid Foundation helpt mee met de bouw van eco-villages. in het verleden lijdde de ecostystemen erg onder de mono-landbouw. Door middel van permacultuur wordt er duurzaam omgegaan met de recources. Da...


Would you like to help MCP cleaning up the beach and reef of Salag? Then take this opportunity to do so! You can stop the garbage from destroying animals and plants. Just bring a mesh/rice bag and all equipment you may need for the day. You will get water, snacks, briefings and good v...


Na meer dan een jaar hier geleefd te hebben ben ik inmiddels wel bekend met het eten hier. Inmiddels heb ik zelf uitgevonden hoe ik hun 'typische' maaltijd kan maken: Adobo. Het is heel simpel en daarom iets wat ik nog weleens wil maken (ben vanmijzelf zeker geen chef).  Hier wordt veel rijst g...


Bereidingswijze In plaats van anatto kunt u ook milde paprikapoeder gebruiken. Snijd het vlees in grove stukken. Snipper de ui en de knoflook. Verhit de olie in een braadpan en fruit het annattozaad of de paprikapoeder tot het vet rood is. Schep de annattozaadjes er met een lepel uit. Bak de stukken...


Filipino food is not the most well-known cuisine internationally. Often dubbed bland and unexciting, that doesn’t bother the Filipinos. Food is an important part of Filipino culture and it’s eaten in abundance and with gusto. Filipino food is, especially compared to its spicy neighbours,...


Combine chicken broth and water in a cooking pot. Bring to a boil.Pour-in the cream style sweet corn. Stir and allow to re-boil. Cover and simmer for 15 minutes. Add water as necessary.Use a (hand)blander to create a creamy puree (not too thick).Add the green onions, salt, and pepper. Cook for 2 min...

Supply & Demand

Supply and Demand of Volunteer Jobs, Manpower, Travel Gear & Study Materials

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Internship / Volunteering @ Smokey Tour, Manila

JoHo Philippines and Smokey Tours aim to bring volunteers and tourists in contact with locals and contribute to local projects in Manila. The social project Smokey Tours can use your help as a student or young professional to contribute to the development of the tours Your tasks...

  • You'll b...

Mathematics Teacher Elementary Central School

functieomschrijving_mathematics_teacher_elementary_central_school.docx functieomschrijving_mathematics_teacher_elementary_central_school.docx functieomschrijving_mathematics_teacher_elementary_central_school.docx functieomschrijving_mathematics_teacher_elementary_central_school.docx

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