Why to live in Taiwan, why to emigrate to Taiwan or stay for a long time?

    Why live in Taiwan as an expat, emigrant or working nomad?

    • because of the high quality of life.
    • because of the efficient health care system.
    • because of a well-developed economy.
    • because of the low crime rate and sense of security.
    • because of the clean environment.
    • because of its hospitable and friendly residents.
    • because of the good work ethic and commitment to work of employees.
    • because of the career opportunities for expats.

    What should you pay attention to?

    • that it is helpful to speak a little Mandarin. Communicating with locals can be difficult if you don't speak any Mandarin.
    • Taiwan has a humid climate, which is not pleasant for everyone.
    • Stay informed about political relations and possible tensions.
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