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Life and experiences in Philippines

Backpacking in the Philippines

  • The Philippines consists of 7,107 islands, of which only a part is inhabited. You will find many bounty beaches and an amazing underwater world where you can snorkel with whale sharks or sea cows, for example. Visit one of the small uninhabited islands and imagine yourself in paradise or climb one of the many volcanoes. The Philippines has great differences between rich and poor and has a great cultural heritage. For example, visit the wonderful hand-crafted rice terraces in the North.
  • Take ample time to backpack through the Philippines. Traveling is a time-consuming affair. It is still easy to find places that are not crowded.
  • Features: lots of good-looking smiling people, islands, waterfalls, volcanoes and palm trees.

Traveling in the Philippines

  • A trip through the Philippines is a journey from island to island, with lots of nature and friendly people.
  • City spotting: Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao.
  • Animal spotting: the list is endless ... tip of the hat ... whale sharks, thresher sharks, mantas, manatees, tarsiers, eagles, crocodiles, unusual birds.

Studying in the Philippines

  • If your English is good enough, you can study at most universities and colleges in the Philippines.
  • Studies: from music, economics to architecture.
  • Characteristics: education is less organized compared to the Netherlands. There are relatively many days when education is cancelled, due to holidays and weather conditions.

Internships in the Philippines

  • Internships: internships can be found in all kinds of sectors.
  • Characteristics: If you are in Luzon or Mindanao in more rural areas, you can often still get by very well in English.

Working in the Philippines

  • Jobs: temporary work can be found mainly in the sectors: ict, help desks and call centers.
  • Characteristics: being a team player is important. Joint outings and get-togethers are highly valued.

Volunteering in the Philippines

  • Volunteer projects: especially in wildlife management and activity supervision sectors.
  • Animal projects: protection of tamawan, monkeys, crocodiles, cats and dogs.
  • Characteristics: short volunteer work of 1 or 2 weeks is also possible.

Working as a digital nomad in the Philippines

  • Favorite cities: Dumaguete, Bagiou, Puerto Princesa.
  • Characteristics: the somewhat smaller cities where the internet connection is good, and in the area plenty to do.

Living in the Philippines

  • Language: learning Tagalog is not easy, even though it has some similarities to the Spanish language. In different places in the Philippines, they speak different dialects. Many people speak a reasonable amount of English, especially in the larger cities and throughout the province of Cebu.
  • Characteristics: Catholic values and norms play a big role in daily life especially in the provinces of Luzon and Cebu. In the cities where the expats are located and tourism plays a bigger role, you still notice something of this. All holidays are celebrated with family.

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Het is alweer anderhalve week geleden dat ik met Rinneke terug kwam uit de Filipijnen. Het voelt als veel langer terug, omdat het zo'n totaal andere wereld is. Een maand hebben we in Manila gezeten om er vrijwilligerswerk te doen. Manila is de hoofdstad van de Filipijnen en ...


How would your life change if your house burned down? What if you lost almost everything you owned in one snap?  January 11, 2019 (Friday)  2 blocks of streets including 50 houses in the Baseco manila were burned down, 120 families are victims and almost 400 people were affected, when we h...


Toeristenvisum Bij aankomst op de Filipijnen kun je een gratis 'visum upon arrival' voor een maximaal verblijf van 30 dagen aanvragen, dat geldt als toeristenvisum (je krijgt dit automatisch in je paspoort gestempeld als je langs immigratie gaat bij aankomst op het vliegveld). Het toeristenvisum hoe...

Waterfall in the Philippines

Although preparing yourself for travel is different for everyone, here are some general guidelines for your trip to The Philippines. Please feel free to add your personal advice in the Comment & Contributions section. Arrange a flight For cheap flights, it is always best to book far in adva...

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Ik lees een interessant artikel over het initiatief van David Katz, een ontwikkelingsondernemer uit Canada die de Plastic Bank heeft opgezet. Plastic wordt tegen een eerlijke prijs ingekocht bij verzamelers in ontwikkelingslanden, vervolgens verscheept naar westerse landen, die het recyclen voor ind...

Sustainability seeds and effects

Sustainability Looking back at 2017, focussing on the positive. I have been asked to talk, and sometimes even as a Keynote Speaker on Conferences. My talks are about Sustainability. I did some research and taught myself all about Sustainability. It was a journey and I would like to share that with y...

General information about the Philippines: Buhay Filipinas

The Philippines Do you want to be touched by the Filipino culture and amazed by its beautiful beaches, mountains and underwater world? This is your chance!     The Philippines Lonely Planet: "The second-largest archipelago in the world, with over 7000 tropical islands, the Philippine...

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Volunteering at Smokey Tours

Volunteering at Smokey Tours (part of World Activity Philippines) in Manila and furthermore travelled to San Juan, Sagada, Banaue in North Luzon. Visited Ati Atihan festival in Kalibo and partying in Boracay.

Vrijwilligerswerk en rondreis door de Filipijnen

De eerste 10 weken ga ik aan het werk bij ECPAT Philippines. ECPAT staat voor End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography And Trafficking of children for sexual purposes. ECPAT zet zich wereldwijd in voor de bestrijding van seksuele uitbuiting van kinderen. De laatste 3 weken ga ik een rondreis m...

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Na meer dan een jaar hier geleefd te hebben ben ik inmiddels wel bekend met het eten hier. Inmiddels heb ik zelf uitgevonden hoe ik hun 'typische' maaltijd kan maken: Adobo. Het is heel simpel en daarom iets wat ik nog weleens wil maken (ben vanmijzelf zeker geen chef).  Hier wordt veel rijst g...

Internship / Volunteering @ Smokey Tour, Manila

JoHo Philippines and Smokey Tours aim to bring volunteers and tourists in contact with locals and contribute to local projects in Manila. The social project Smokey Tours can use your help as a student or young professional to contribute to the development of the tours Your tasks...

  • You'll b...

Mathematics Teacher Elementary Central School

functieomschrijving_mathematics_teacher_elementary_central_school.docx functieomschrijving_mathematics_teacher_elementary_central_school.docx functieomschrijving_mathematics_teacher_elementary_central_school.docx functieomschrijving_mathematics_teacher_elementary_central_school.docx

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