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Mini CV
Travel & Move: 
While travelling I had many amazing experiences. The most special ones being in both Japan and Borneo. In Japan I had the opportunity to travel, work and study.
I got to know the culture, people and nature in the country with both shocking as well as heart warming experiences. One of them being the volunteer work I did in an animal shelter where I got to work with cats and dogs and the local crew to improve these animals' lifes. In (Malaysian) Borneo I also had the chance to volunteer and travel. While planting trees, teaching English and maintaining the ecolodges I was able to stay with the locals and see the wonders of the rainforest.
Experience & Leisure: 
In my leisure time I try to write blogs and share my pictures of the world to make people enthusiastic about it. Next to that I try to focus on being sustainable.
Learn & Develop: 
My studies focus on biology and conservation. I hope to contribute to the world by sharing sustainability, conservation and biology knowledge.
Help & Change: 
Volunteering is one of the ways through which I have helped certain causes.
Living a vegan lifestyle is another way in which I try to change the world for the better, reducing my emissions and limiting my contribution to animal cruelty.
Work & Initiate: 


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