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Why would I create an account?

Why would I create an account?

Which features does my WorldSupporter account have?

  • Your WorldSupporter account is linked to your Personal WorldSupporter Magazine.
  • Your WorldSupporter Magazine serves as your own platform, which you can use to create or collect content on WorldSupporter.
  • Your WorldSupporter Magazine also shows all the content that recently has been created by organizations, groups or individuals you are following.
  • With your WorldSupporter Magazine you can show what you contribute to the world around you and what you do for others during your education, work, vacation, or leisure time.
  • The aim of your WorldSupporter Magazine is, on the one hand, to inspire others to contribute to a tolerant and sustainable world and to promote and support your favorite projects and charities. On the other hand, you can use your magazine as a tool to show the people around you what you are doing and which goals you would like to achieve in life for yourself and your environment. 

Why would I create a WorldSupporter account?

  • Your WorldSupporter account gives you access to all of the features of the platform.
  • Once you are logged in, you can:
    • navigate on the website, which works by following other Supporters and groups; 
    • create your own WorldSupporter account and personal magazine;
    • add pages and other Supporters to your favorites, so you can easily find your favorites in your personal magazine;
    • ask questions and give feedback on contributions from other Supporters;
    • participate in discussions, create your own travel blog, compose study bundles, give tips & tricks, add events and upload vacancies;
    • make use of the 7 WorldSupporter tools​.
  • This renewed website is still under development, so check the latest developments and updates on a regular basis!