What is WorldSupporter, and how can you contribute?

What is 'WorldSupporter'?

  • JoHo WorldSupporter is an online platform which individuals and organizations can use to inspire and help each other on a local and global level.
  • You can share and find everything to help someone else, travel responsibly, study well, develop yourself and work for an organization that creates a better world.
  • You can gain knowledge, share experiences, answer questions, post comments and publish your own WorldSupporter CV (resume).
  • You can share your summaries, photos, blogs, magazines, events, sustainable recipes and tips for others.
  • You can meet committed Supporters from over 150 countries and help make the world around them a better place.

How do you use WorldSupporter?

  • You can create a WorldSupporter account in a few minutes and it is integrated into your Personal WorldSupporter profile.
  • Your WorldSupporter profile is comparable to your own platform for all content that you create or disable on WorldSupporter.
  • Your WorldSupporter profile also shows all content recently created by the organizations, groups and people you personally follow.
  • Your WorldSupporter profile indicates what you powerfully contribute to the world around you. It shows what you do for others, during your education, during your work, on holiday or in your spare time. The goal is to inspire others to contribute more to the development of the world, or specifically your favorite projects and charities. Moreover, it is also a tool with which you can create a good picture for yourself or those around you of your activities, the role you play or the goals you want to achieve in life.
  • Since WorldSupporter is an independent platform with its own mission and objective, you will also be asked to create your own WorldSupporter mini-CV so that your fellow supporters can get an idea of ​​you and you get a good idea of ​​the people and organizations you want to follow.

To register

  • for full access: go to www JoHo.org, and join JoHo WorldSupporter by choosing a membership with full online access
  • for a profile on WorldSupporter: go to the registration page or use the 'sign in' link in the menu
  • To log in: go to the login page to log in or use the 'sign in' link in the menu, visible on every page.
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