Questions & Answers: creating an account and profile page

What is WorldSupporter account and profile page?

  • With your own WorldSupporter account and profile page you can inspire others and yourself to contribute to a more beautiful world
  • Not only can you promote your favorite charities and projects, you can also get ideas or be inspired by other Supporters

    Why a WorldSupporter profile?

    • You Facebook about your private life. You use LinkedIn for your career. But where do you share everything you do, think and undertake for a better world? For that you have a WorldSupporter profile. A curriculim vitae where you can show how you view the world.
    • Be sure to use your other social media and share your own content or the content of others

    What is a WorldSupporter Mini CV?

    • With the WorldSupporter Mini-CV you indicate what you contribute to the world around you. You show what you do for others, at school, during work, on holiday or in your spare time.
    • With the aim of inspiring others to contribute to the world and to support and promote your favorite projects and charities
    • Create your WorldSupporter CV now, show what you do and become a source of inspiration for others...
    • or first check the personal profiles with sample CVs or read some WorldSupporter tips for filling your Mini-CV

    How can you draw attention to your profile or content?

    • Everyone writes differently and interprets 'nice' in different ways. Take a look at some blogs from other Supporters in the Magazine and think about why you like one contribution (written) more than the other.
    • Check out the contributions of Supporter Nelleke: This is a blog that no one is going to read and Supporter Jessica: Why and how to blog


    • Vary - Always use different tools (blogs, suggestions, photos, bundles, etc.) to add something to your WorldSupporter CV and personal profile.
    • Activate - Actively involve your personal network in your WorldSupporter activities. Share your latest content via social media and get them to follow your profile and mark your contributions as a 'favorite'. The more followers and 'favorite' flags, the more you appear on home pages and overviews.
    • Motivate - actively read content from other Supporters and let them know what you think of their content, maybe they will also take a look at your personal profile
    • Complete - use the add image options, add any relevant tags/categories and use the 'resources' option to provide specific 'read more' suggestions

    What can you include in your personal profile?

    • Everything that you believe contributes to a better world in any way.
    • The content you can contribute is divided into the following content formats:
      • Summaries & Study Notes: Summaries - Study Materials
      • Text & Stories: Blogs - Instructions - Quotes - Statements - Propositions
      • Tips & Suggestions: Events - Tips - Recipes - Vacancies
      • Tools & Navigations: Bundles (content selections) - Media (photos, documents) - Home pages ('magazines') - Updates ('messages')
    • In your mini CV you can indicate in different categories what you think were your best actions or experiences in your life
    • In your blogs you can show what you do in a more detailed way. If you like to write, you can blog, if you like photography, you can share your photos, if you like to make videos, you can share them in a blog.
    • All content is divided into core categories. In addition, as the creator of your contribution, you have the option to give even more categories or 'tags' to your contributions. Consider, for example, the related country, study area, competence or sustainable development goal. This makes it easier to categorize your contributions and blogs and some blogs receive extra attention in the WorldSupporter media channels.
    • Create your WorldSupporter


    • A WorldSupporter profile is a personal CV and therefore a little different for everyone. Most personal profiles are freely accessible, so take a look around
    • View the WorldSupporter CV's of featured WorldSupporters
    • Seen an interesting profile? You can follow supporters by clicking on the 'follow' button on their contributions or on their personal profile. If this person or organization posts new contributions, you will see this on your own personal profile.

    How can others discover and view your profile?

    • You can make your WorldSupporter profile public or only visible to other World Supporters.
    • You can alert others to the existence of your WorldSupporter profile in several ways:
      • by giving someone the direct link to your profile, or using the 'social share' options on the page
      • by creating content, with each contribution there is a link + photo/avatar to your personal profile
      • by leaving a comment/reaction - with a link - on content that matches your contribution(s)
      • via the overview of Worldsupporter profiles, where popular content will be highlighted more often
      • by linking your CV from your own social media posts or account

    Can others respond to your contributions, and how can you respond to others?

    • Yes, that's possible. Especially if you invite others in your message to respond, or work with a question, concrete follow-up action for your reader, or, for example, challenge the reader with a statement, opinion or dilemma, others will respond.
    • Anonymous responses are only possible to a limited extent and are only posted online after moderation (often once a week). Always log in to quickly use the comment option under a message posted by yourself or someone else.
    • And as with all online profiles and social media, if you like others to respond to your contributions, please post a comment yourself in another Supporter's blog or contribution!
    • Others can also easily follow you, or you, others, by clicking on the 'Follow' button under a mini-CV or avatar

    Can you also create a profile for an organization?

    • If you want to actively contribute to an organization or if you work for an organization that supports and promotes the principles of WorldSupporter, you can also create a profile on which you create and collect content that is relevant to your organization.
    • When creating a profile, choose 'organization or group'
    • If you manage both a personal and an organizational profile, it is useful for other Supporters if it remains clear what statements are from the organization or from you personally.
    • In your personal CV you can of course also draw attention to your favorite projects and organizations through blog posts, photos and videos
    • If you run an organization yourself, you can also create a personal profile. This personal profile offers the opportunity to show the people behind an organization. This can strengthen the organization's message and showcase the organization's work in a personal way.

    How can you stop your WorldSupporter profile?

    • Do you want to delete your WorldSupporter profile?
    • With the WorldSupporter profile you indicate what you contribute to the world around you. You show what you do for others, at school, during work, on holiday or in your spare time.
    • With the aim of inspiring others to contribute to the world and to support and promote your favorite projects and charities
    • Even if you no longer want to actively participate in WorldSupporter, your contributions can still support and inspire others
    • Do you still want to delete your WorldSupporter profile (account)? Log in and complete the contact form. By logging in, the editors know that you are the owner of the account in question.

    How do you create a personal WorldSupporter profile?

    • Go to the Join WorldSupporter page, where you can create an account and profile.
    • You can update, change and supplement your profile at any time.

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    WorldSupporter: FAQ and how to us content and tools - Start
    How to add or share content and contributions on the WorldSupporter platform?

    How to add or share content and contributions on the WorldSupporter platform?

    What is you Personal Profile and how can you use it ?

    • Your profile or user page is is your starting point on WorldSupporter, it is also the page that other WorldSupporters will visit to read more about you and your contributions to WorldSupporter.
    • You can compose your own page using the following contribution types:
      • Text & Stories
        • Texts: Blogs, Instructions, Opinions, Quotes, Statements, Tutorials
        • Summaries: Book summaries, Course Pointers, Practice Exams, Study Notes
      • Tips & Suggestions:
        • Tips:  Events, Travel Tips, World Recipes,
        • Suggestions: Jobs opportunities, Volunteer opportunities, Internship opportunities
      • Tools & Navigation
        • Bundles (selections)
        • Media (movies, photos, documents)
        • Starting pages ('magazines')
        • Updates ('messages')

    Texts: What are Texts & Stories?

    Summaries: What are Summaries & Study Notes?

    • You can use the specific content type Summaries & Study Notes for summarized versions of study material. This way you can help your fellow students at home and abroad with practice materials and a better understanding of the study material. This content type allows you to explain a certain subject. This can be based on your own texts or on summarized versions of study material. Many Supporters use this type for university course material, but feel free to use it as a broad tool for knowledge transfer
    • Always make sure that you do not violate copyright if you use material from others and make good use of source listings
    • Read more about: WorldSupporter Summaries & Study Notes
    • Create and contribute: Add your Summary or Study Note

    Tips: What are Tips & Suggestions?

    • With Tips & Suggestion you van make a short tips on job opportunities, exams, packing lists, travel destinations, tours, local customs, your favorite world recipes, events. This basic tools allows quick additions to your (Personal) Magazine. When your message needs accompanying images or comprehensive text, creating a blog, media page of even a bundle would be a better option
    • Read more about: WorldSupporter Tips & Suggestions?
    • Create and contribute: Add your Tip or Suggestion

    Tools: What are Bundles?

    • Bundles are selections of existing content on This tool offers a basic structured overview of conten. tA bundle makes it easier for users to navigate from one page to another, because below a page that you have added to a bundle a automated back link is created. You can create your own Bundle from content shared by others, by yourself or a mix of both.
    • Read more about: WorldSupporter Bundles
    • Create and contribute: Add your Bundle

    Tools: What are Media?

    • With the Media tool you can share movies, photos, presentations or documents.
    • Uploaded Media can tell their own story or can be used to strengthen one of your other contributions (such as Blogs, Magazines or Summaries)
    • Read more about: WorldSupporter Media
    • Create and contribute: Add your Media

    Tools: What are Starting Pages ('Magazines')?

    • On a Starting Page you can bring together all your information or items connecting to one subject of your choice. This tool offers the most space for self-determination on what information you want to show in which place.
    • A Starting Page will make it easier for visitors to find all your contributions and easier for you to advertise your content and inspire other
    • Read more about: WorldSupporter Starting Pages
    • Create and contribute: Add your Starting Page

    Tools: What are 'Updates'?

    • An Update is a content form for private messages. A quick way to share a message with only designated WorldSupporter Moderators or employees.
    • Updates give other WorldSupporter moderators insight into your activities on the WorldSupporter platform and beyond
    • You write an Update to inform your assigned moderator about an activity you have carried out, content that you have added to WorldSupporter or, for example, to draw extra attention to an event.
    • Read more about: WorldSupporter Updates

    What are Comments & Compliments?

    • You can add compliments and give feedback, so your favorite Supporters will be encouraged to add more and even better content
    • The author of the page will receive a notification by e-mail highlighting your contribution
    • Adding comments is a functionality only open and live to logged-in users to avoid misuse
    • Anonymous visitors can add a contribution, but it will always be read by a moderator before it will be published, which can take up to 48 hours
    • All comments should be written and made in the spirit of WorldSupporter. Which means aiming to contribute to a tolerant and sustainable world. Contributions that do not meet the requirements, or seem to be made for the wrong reasons can be removed or set on private.
    • Comments are listed in the 'My collection' section of your personal magazine, so you can easily return to the pages where you have commented before
    • When someone replies to your comment, you will receive a notification mail, when someone adds a new comment on a page where you also added a contribution, you will not receive any notification.

    Where to read more?

    WorldSupporter: About & FAQ - Start
    Comments, Compliments & Kudos

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