The input from brain research - summary of chapter 6 of Historical and conceptual issues in psychology, by Brysbaert, M and Rastle, K (second edition)

Foundations of psychologyChapter 6The input from brain research Beliefs of the ancient Egyptians The Edwin Smith papyrus In 1862 an American collector, Edwin Smith, bought a papyrus scroll in the Egyptian city of Luxor.In the text, written around 1700 BCE, but probably a copy of an older papyrus from 3000 BCE, a series of 48 cases were described dealing with the consequences of head and neck injuries.Each case included a title, details of the examination, a diagnosis and an indication of the treatment.The diagnosis consisted of one of three conclusionsThis is an ailment that I will treatThis is an ailment that I will try to treatThis is an ailment that I will not treat The Edwin Smith papyrus: papyrus from Ancient Egypt that contains short descriptions of the symptoms and treatment of different forms of brain injury; named after the person who bought the papyrus in Egypt and had it analysed.They illustrate how physicians treating wounded soldiers quite early became convinced of the importance of the head (brain) in controlling behaviour.Beliefs in the wider society The existence of the Edwin Smith papyrus did not imply that the knowledge contained in it was widespread.In Ancient Egypt most scholars were convinced that the heart was the seat of the soul.The...

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Historical and conceptual issues in psychology, by Brysbaert, M and Rastle, K (second edition) - a summary


This is a summary of the book: Historical and conceptual issues in psychology, by Brysbaert, M and Rastle, K. This book is about the history of Psychology and how now-day psychology came to be. The book is used in the course 'Foundations of psychology' at the second year of

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