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Six tips to arouse your children's interest in a school year abroad

Living an adventure in a foreign country is an unforgettable experience that requires a lot of motivation and willpower for the person who decides to go. Often, this decision has its origin in the student's motivation. However, it is often the case that you, the parents, are more interested than yo...


When I think of addicts, I usually think of illicit drugs and withdrawal symptoms, and a lot of ugliness. You hear of people doing crazy things to get their fix. From stealing pills to robbing banks to get money, too much worse.   The definition of an addict is a brain disease that is mani...


1. What are the issues to bear in mind when emigrating?

  • Keep track of the emigration process; for example write down what to do and what you are going through in an emigration diary.
  • Make use of the media and guidebooks when researching possible destinations.
  • Get an i...


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waste collection cleanup

Join the Movement Join millions of volunteers in more than 150 countries to clean up the world in one day! 21 September you can join actions of others or start your own initiative. You can pick one bag of trash or a whole truck full - any litter reduction is welcome. Started small in Estonia, no...

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docent tekening

Wat: Freelance docent op afstand - Nederlandse Taal en CultuurWaar: Zelf te bepalen locatie Algemene informatie: Edufax ondersteunt wereldwijd gezinnen en hun werkgevers bij een internationale verhuizing met schoolgaande kinderen. Het bijhouden van de moedertaal is daarbij essentieel. Voor Nede...

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