Consciousness - An Introduction (ch18)

Many robot and computer technicians ignore all arguments against designing machines with a consciousness and go stiffly with trying. There are two ways to tackle this:make a conscious machine, ormake a machine that seems to be conscious .We must remember that it may seem as if machines have intentions to achieve goals, while that may not be the case at all. In addition, it is surprising that we do not think that other objects experience subjectivity, while we treat them as if they did.Kismet was the first robot to look like a human being. He had control over attentional processes and vision and watched movement and color. The mood of Kismet was a combination of three variables: happiness, alertness and openness to new stimuli. Kismet could hear and make sounds, but do not understand words. You might think that Kismet has no consciousness because it consists of metal and performs simple routine actions.Yet it is true that there is no place in Kismet where 'everything comes together' (as is sometimes said about consciousness). In short: Kismet did not have a Cartesian theater . Dennett believes that this also applies to people. Suppose a new robot is created that recognizes emotions in people, laughs, can cry and can respond to the person he is conversing with. Would you still think that he has no consciousness? We can say that it only looks like this robot has a consciousness. Another possibility is to believe that he really has a consciousness. Which vision is correct and how do we find out? In 1979, McCarthy, one of the founders of AI, claimed that thermostats have beliefs: they can believe it's too hot, too cold or the temperature is right. A thermostat can observe the environment and respond to the environment on that basis.It seems strange that McCarthy thinks that thermostats have convictions, but his example invites us to think...

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Author: Ilona
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