Information Systems Management - RUG - practice exam (2014) for IB



These are eleven practice questions (Multiple-choice) with answers presented similarly to the exam. The exam itself will consist of around fifty questions like this. The answers contain references to the pages of the book that more lavishly explain and eloborate on the answer.


Exam Questions


Question 1

This is the term used to describe ethical dilemmas that arise with the development and

application of IT.

  1. Normative theories

  2. PAPA principles

  3. Information ethics

  4. Stockholder theory


Question 2

Suppose H&M has a linked supply chain with Cotton Town, a fabric supplier. H&M and Cotton Town use IT to seamlessly exchange data, communicating requirements as well as delivery

expectations. The relationship between H&M and Cotton Town is best described as:

  1. Strategic alliance

  2. Co-opetition

  3. Collaboration

  4. Dependence



Question 3

A general manager should:

  1. Rely on IS personnel to make IS decisions

  2. Ignore how IS are used and managed

  3. Have a deep technical knowledge of IS

  4. Understand the use and consequences of technologies relevant to the business

  5. Not be expected to ask or understand technology related questions



Question 4

Which one of the following enterprise systems is social IT increasingly integrating with?

  1. ERP

  2. CRM

  3. PLM

  4. SCM




Question 5

To help with organization and complexity, a project manager will break a project up into:

  1. Variables

  2. Infrastructure

  3. Subprojects

  4. Business processes



Question 6

This type of organizational structure is based upon the concepts of division of labor,

specialization, and unity of command. Key decisions are made at the top and filter down

through the organization.

  1. Hierarchical

  2. Flat

  3. Networked

  4. Matrix


Question 7

Intel has implemented a social network analysis tool that maps the _________ and the

connections of Intel employees, supporting innovation by allowing employees to find

others in the company with particular skills, interests or expertise.

  1. friendships

  2. departments

  3. knowledge

  4. IS


Question 8

Valero (an oil company) has implemented an organizational architecture that would enable the company to create applications from components. Because of this flexibility it can realize gains.
How is this type of architecture called?

  1. Internet-based

  2. Decentralized

  3. Service-oriented

  4. Centralized



Question 9

All of the following are mechanisms that can be created to ensure good IT governance

except for one. Which one is this:

  1. Policies

  2. Steering Committees

  3. Review boards

  4. Consultants



Question 10

Which of the following should a manager expect from the IS organization?

  1. Management data, information and knowledge

  2. Participation in setting and implementing strategic direction.

  3. Promotion of enterprise security.

  4. Innovation of current processes.

  5. All of the above

Question 11

Knowledge management is the process that generates, captures, codifies and __________

knowledge across an organization in order to achieve a competitive advantage.

  1. Applies

  2. Transfers

  3. Analyzes

  4. Limits












Answer to Question 1


For an explanation, please refer to page 352 of the book.



Answer to Question 2


For an explanation, please refer to page 64 of the book.




Answer to Question 3


For an explanation, please refer to page 26,32 of the book.




Answer to Question 4


For an explanation, please refer to page 155 of the book.




Answer to Question 5


For an explanation, please refer to page 292 of the book.



Answer to Question 6


For an explanation, please refer to page 80 of the book.


Answer to Question 7


For an explanation, please refer to page 112 of the book.


Answer to Question 8


For an explanation, please refer to page 167 of the book.


Answer to Question 9


For an explanation, please refer to page 249 of the book.


Answer to Question 10


For an explanation, please refer to page 201-202 of the book.


Answer to Question 11


For an explanation, please refer to page 327 of the book.

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