Lecture notes Information Systems Management - IB2 - RUG

Lecture notes for lecture 1, 2, 4 and 5. Notes for lecture 3 and 6 are missing.

Lecture 1: Key ICT’s


In this course the following subjects will be discussed:

  • Key ICT’s

  • Company strategy and information systems strategy

  • Changing business processes

  • IT Project Management

  • IT Security and Ethics

  • IT governance

  • Management and Leadership


Successful firms have an overriding business strategy driving both their organizational strategy and their information strategy. The firms organizational strategy and decisions regarding the information strategy are all driven by the firm’s business objectives, strategies and tactics. Therefore, the strategy a frim adopts determines the information system strategy they use, which in turn leads to a certain choice in information systems.


An information system consists of four components:

  • people,

  • the organizational structure,

  • processes and,

  • technology

In this lecture the aim is to understand how IT has changed the nature of work and learn the key concepts involved.


Real world example: Best Buy

Best Buy is a leading U.S. retailer in electronics who completely transformed it’s view of the ordinary workday. Before employees made long hours, with a directive boss checking their every move. When one day two employees came up with an idea, using technology to let employees perform their work from a variety of places. The new approach is called ROWE and allows for limitless flexibility when it comes to work hours. Employees can choose where and when they want to do their work... Interested? Read the instructions below in order to read the full content of this page.

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