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    • About the book: This handbook is one of the most widely used introductory books in psychology.
    • Study tips: It is important to remember that Psychologists always think about: what function does the behavior serve? If we performed behavior for no reason, it would be pointless to study it. Even if the behavior has a negative outcome, it can still have a functional basis.

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    Bulletsamenvattingen per hoofdstuk bij de de 8e druk van Psychology van Gray en Bjorklund – Chapter
    Bulletsummaries per chapter with the 8th edition of Psychology by Gray and Bjorklund – Chapter
    Psychology - Gray: BulletPoints

    Psychology - Gray: BulletPoints

    The three fundamental ideas of psychology come down to: Behavior and mental experiences have physical causes that can be studied scientifically; the way people behave, feel and think is shaped over time by their experiences in their environment; the body produces behavior and mental experiences, and is a product of evolution through natural selection.According to Descartes, the difference between humans and animals was the mind. He defined thoughts as conscious considerations and judgments. He suggested that the soul influences the body in a specific place: a small organ (pineal body) located between the two hemispheres of the brain. Descartes argued that thread-like structures bring sensory information through physical pathways to the brain (we now know as nerves or neurons). The soul receives the information and processes this information. On the basis of thoughts, the soul will then let movements take place and carry out its will by triggering physical actions in nerves that in turn act on the muscles. This opened the door to psychology as a science.Materialism was developed by Thomas Hobbes and included that the soul is a meaningless concept that consists of nothing but matter and energy. Hobbes argued that conscious thoughts are a product of the brain and therefore subject to natural laws. This philosophy does not impose any limitations on what people want to study in psychology.Darwin’s idea is that living things evolve gradually over generations through the process of natural selection. The individuals that are best adapted to their environments, are more likely to survive and reproduce than those less well-adapted to their environments. Random changes in genetics happen within each generation. These variations are passed on from generation to generation, especially when they increase chances of survival and reproduction. Because of this evolution, innate...

    Psychology - Gray - 7e druk - BulletPoints
    Psychology van Gray 8ste editie

    Psychology van Gray 8ste editie

    In deze samenvatting vind je de belangrijkste grondslagen van de psychology. Hierin vind je alles vanaf de filosofische geschiedenis, tot de biologie die komt kijken bij psychologie. Psychologie als wetenschap is nog vrij jong, maar de basis van de psychologie gaat terug tot in de tijd van de Grieken. Een grote misvatting in de Psychologie isf dat Pychologie gaat over de studie van abnormaal gedrag. Het tegenovergestelde is waar, psychologie gaat over de studie van normaal gedrag.

    Psychology by P. Gray and D. F., Bjorkland (eight edition) – Book summary
    Samenvatting bij Psychology - Gray - 7e druk
    Psychology by Gray and Bjorklund (7th edition) - a summary

    Psychology by Gray and Bjorklund (7th edition) - a summary

    This is a summary of Psychology by Gray and Bjorklund. This book is an introduction to psychology and is used in the course 'Introduction to psychology' in the first year of the study Psychology at the UvA.

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    TentamenTests bij de 8e druk van Psychology van Gray en Bjorklund
    Examtests with the 8th edition of Psychology by Gray and Bjorklund
    TentamenTests bij de 7e druk van Psychology - Gray en Bjorklund
    Oefenpakket Psychology (Gray, P.)
    Begrippenlijst bij Psychology van Gray en Bjorklund
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