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Vanwege een raar foutje met deze site krijg ik steeds geen toeging tot het posten van mijn blogs. Hopelijk werkt het nu wel.. Hierbij dan ook een aantal blogs die ik tussendoor nog heb geschreven en al online staan op mijn eigen blogsite.

Day: 13
Time: After lunch
Date: 14-7-2014

Oops, I didn’t write for one day again. Ah well, I didn’t do much yesterday anyway. It was kind of a hangover Sunday, because I only slept for like 3,5 hours. But Saturday night was epic! Elle, Katherine and me had drinks for hooours. We were looking forward to that night all day, but once it got to the point we expected the party to start, it ended up pretty boring. Everyone was talking at the same time so we couldn’t hear each other nor the music. So the card games didn’t really work out either and at some moment we decided to just go and watch the football in the village again. Then the 3 of us talked for hours about the most random shit. And even when Elle went to bed, Katherine and I talked for some 4 hours more :’). No but seriously, we had such a good conversation! About things that bothered me, things that bothered her.. Yes, I think the vodka helped us into a real philosophical/emotional mode. Anyway, after our epic convo we had a sleepover in her tent, because all her tent buddies were on a safari. I was planning on doing that next week btw, but their story’s weren’t too exciting so we’re going to take a look if we can find something else.

But ok, I woke up around 7:45 on Sunday and I just sat in the sun the entire day. Today on the other hand was a pretty good day! We didn’t do project work at the school but we went into the village and helped the mama’s with seaweed harvesting! This ended up for us to walk pretty far into the sea. And wow!! We saw so many beautiful and awesome sea animals and plants. I had a starfish walk across my hand and I held a living fish J (so proud of myself..). Oh, we have to get back to work now! I’ve got nooo idea what we’re going to do so.. to be continued I guess!

Time: 10:39
Date: 16-1-2015

Wow, I remember that Saturday night so well! I bet it sounds pretty lame when you read it here on my blog, but really it got pretty intense and I think I might have learned some good lessons that night. So thanks for that!

Also I feel really useless at the moment if I think of all the cool things I did in Tanzania. Right now typing this blog is like the most useful thing I’m doing. Or at least it feels that way. Since I still have the beautiful mark of the knife that accidentally ended up in my leg, I can’t really walk or bike. So I have to stay at home most of the time, and if I want to go somewhere it takes sooo much more time than it should! And the problem is that sitting still and not doing anything all day are the two things I absolutely hate. Don’t get me wrong, I do like watching series for a day or so. But after that one day I just feel like I have to go and do something again. And now I have to sit and be bored for like two weeks.. Where nearly half a year ago (!!) I didn’t just do awesome things, we helped people while doing it.

I mean, this sea weed harvesting for example. the harvesting itself was interesting a few times, but the walk back was way better! With a bag filled with sea weed (and sometimes a lost cockroach) on our head we walked back through the sea for like twenty minutes. Seeing the most beautiful fish and scary unidentifiable things. I don’t get that hobbling from my couch to the kitchen.. and that’s not even it. Because normally the mama’s from the village would do this pretty heavy job. And to them all the sea life wasn’t that interesting any more at all. To them it was just work, trying to carry the heavy, dirty bags back to the village to sell them later on. They had to walk back and forth for like at least 20 times to make sure they had enough. But we were with so many that just going back three times was enough! So the mama’s had time to do something else while we did their job way faster, simply because we had more man to do it. And we loved it (ok, accept for the cockroaches hiding in the bags).



This one is especially for the peeps who want to know what happened to my leg this week.. And for the ones who are still interested in my Tanzanian adventures of course J. Enjoy!

Day: 11
Time: 8:58
Date: 12-7-2014

Maybe I should write once every two days instead of trying to write every day, seeing I don’t really have enough space left in my journal and I’m too lazy to write every day. Yesterday was finally Friday, felt so good! At project I sawed pipes of steel again and worked at the mud house. After project Eva, Heather, Ross, Michelle and I played football with some of the school kids and our favorite African boys Bravo, Mickey, Duma, Saidi and Aloki. They were so damn fast and good, omg! Luckily I didn’t fail like completely (just almost completely), I even managed to score! I think I still have some of the skills I gained long time ago at RKDEO. Today it’s Ewa’s birthday so yesterday we had a party. Together with Katherine, Elle, Ewa and more we played hearts and turned it into a drinking game. Later on we played ‘truth or dare’ and ‘never have I ever’. I had to go into someone’s tent and act like I was praying, Muslim style.. And yeah, I had to produce the sound of the mosque myself. Such fun..

Oh wow, Ali is talking to me at the moment, I think that guy might not be 100%.. 

Anyway, I don’t have an hangover today so that’s positive + we had pancakes for breakfast, helloooooo. We’re going to town in a few minutes. Btw I find it pretty scary to write about other people, what if they read it! (haha oops, maybe I should not write a blog..). But I can write that I’m starting to get a bit annoyed by some people talking aaaall day without really saying something. You know what I mean? Just shut uuup. Ah that reminds me of yesterday morning! I got up early to see the sunrise. Felt like a good idea, but when I stood outside with my camera ready, it started raining fucking hard. We ran back to our tent but it was difficult to open the tent with this major stress or something so we ended up in our beds, soaked and without seeing the sunrise. So sad.

Time: 11:50
Date 10-1-2015

Whooooo it’s 2015! Sounds like a good year J. Hope It’s going to be as awesome as 2014, that’s going to be hard though.. I already managed to do something pretty fucking stupid. Most of the people who know me, might not know this yet so hold your horses.. I found out that cutting chocolate with a knife is not necessarily the best way to start your day? What now? I hear you think. Well, this is what happened. I tried breaking a piece of chocolate but the chocolate was too hard so I thought hmm maybe it will break when I chop it with a knife. And so it did! But strong as I am, I did not only hit the chocolate.. The knife went all the way through the chocolate, through the box into my leg! YES, that hurts a lot! And of course it started bleeding as fuck so I freaked out a bit, called the alarm number and went to the hospital. The I got some sutures (is that the right word?) and a tetanus shot, so now I’m fine again! The only thing is that I’m not really able to walk, or do anything else than sitting really.. So playing football with awesome African rafiki’s wasn’t really going to happen again this month anyway, but now I can’t even play football with boring Dutch people anymore. Not that I ever play football here at home. But you know, if you can’t do something you really really want to do it even more. Like when you were little and your brother was playing with something you didn’t even like before, you wanted it. Just because he had it.

Well, I hope I had all my bad luck for this year! So now the rest of the year I will be able to see and do beautiful things (without getting knifes in my leg and stuff..). Asante sana!


Kiswahili lesson!

This was our first lesson Kiswahili, the language they speak in Tanzania. Would love to say that I still remember most of it.. But that’s not true L. Of course I still remember the ones we used a lot when we were talking to the children.. like: Jina lako nani? And Hapana! *not my sunglasses nooo*. I also remember the funny combination of an English/Australian accent and Kiswahili words haha ‘tuta onana badaaye..’ (me and Katherine even made this into All bananas must die. Why? I dunno)

1: moja                6: sita
2: mbili                7: saba
3: tatu                  8: nane
4: nne                  9: tisa
5: tano                 10: kumi

Ndio                                    yes
Hapana                              no

Ume toke wapi?               Where are you from?
Una miaka mingapi?       How old are you?
Jina lako nani?                  What’s your name?
Jana langu ni..                  My name is..

Nime Shiba                        I’m full
Nime choka                       I’m tired
Nina skanjaa                     I’m hungry
Naenda kulala                  I’m going to sleep

Habari za asubuhi            Good morning
Ninzuri sana                      Very good
kwaheri               bye!
Tabasamu                          Smile
Checka                               Huge
Nakupenda                        I love you/I like you
Usiku mwema                   Good night
Leo                                      Today
Jana                                    Yesterday
Juzi                                      The day before yesterday
Kesho                                 Tomorrow
Kesho kutwa                     The day after tomorrow

Reading this I remember I really really think Kiswahili is the coolest language I’ve ever learned.

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