10 december

Omg, the day I wrote these pages in my journal is exactly 5 months ago! WHAT. This is not ok.. almost half a year and I still miss these times like every day! Maybe that’s because everyone keeps posting cute pictures and tweets and stuff about missing it, causing me to think of it again. Anyway.. Today I’ve got a pretty bad cold and my television and internet at home don’t work. So I’m pretty much back to basic and I’m really really wondering what the fuck people did without these media? I know they probably read books and played card games and so on, but hey we only have study books and I’m home alone! So the only option for me was to write this blog. And that’s ok, I don’t mind. But what am I going to do when it’s finished?? Let’s hope my day 5 months ago was a better day:

Day 9
Time: 16:50
Date: 10-7-2014

Wow. I had a whole day off yesterday and I didn’t even write in my journal. Ok, that’s probably because I slept all day, I’m ill L (omg omg history repeating). Hurreaa for diarrhea ( In dutch this rimes but in English it doesn’t..). Apart from that I’m totally fine. And luckily for me, Sammy was also ill, so I wasn’t completely alone all day. We did our laundry, joined by three little kids that were way too cute!

Ohhh and we tried to let everyone believe that we had to go to the hospital because we had malaria or something. We wanted to hide and ask Gladys and Heather to tell everyone the story. But unfortunately everyone got back from project quite early, so we were standing in a small room behind the dinner room thing. So yeah our genius plan didn’t really work out. Eventually we just casually walked out of the room and acted like nothing happened. Ok, you should have been there cause right now it just sounds lame.

Anyway, this day off worked pretty well for me, I feel totally fine again! I shoveled and wheel barrowed all morning to make room next to the toilet holes and after lunch me, Eva and Ali (the kinda crazy African guy) sawed pipes from steal (nah, don’t know how to explain this properly). Those pipes were going to be used as a frame for the toilet floors. Btw, working on toilets might sound like a shitty job, but we’re building a whole new block at a new spot, so no dirty shitty things. And it’s really important for the kids because the’re like 800 children going to this school and they only had around 6 old and dirty toilet holes! So it’s not a bad idea to build some extra holes for them.

After project I walked home with a few people and I think I’m finally starting to know the way! I mean, I seriously recognized a tree and a bush! Anyway, I was looking for a girl I took a picture of. She was one of the cutest kids I’ve met and I really wanted to know her name! But I couldn’t find her.

Oh! Almost forgot we watched football again in the village last night. Too bad I gave up before the extra time. I was way too tired and I kind of trusted in the fact that we would win… too bad we lost.

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