She is too thin, too fat, too short, too ugly, too blond, too tanned, too pale…”

Appearance has been the main subject of discussion for so long now. People feel they have to realize an ideal, but that ideal is totally unrealistic. Images of models photoshopped so extremely that they appear to miss more then just one rib.

But it is not only skinny that is subject of discussion, your hair has to be shinny, your teeth snow white, your skin flawless, your nails colorful and your emotional state below zero if you have to achieve it all.

Two lovely mothers from the United States, who wish to stay anonymous, believe that our bodies are made to live and love. With their project LOVE YOUR LINES” they celebrate real women, real live and real self love. They stimulate other women to be happy with themselves, including lines and all other imperfections.

The perfect little example of how a little gesture can mean so much, the perfect little example of how easy world supporting can be.

Love Cecile
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Nice! Gave actie van ze :D

Nice! Gave actie van ze :D
Toevallig appte ik vandaag mijn vriendje dat ik echt weer moet beginnen met sporten omdat ik iets was aangekomen.  Waarop hij reageerde: Niet zo moeilijk doen over kilo's. Als t mij was te doen om t perfecte lichaam, dan ging ik voor een paspop. 
En zo is het maar net!
Geniet van je lichaam, gezondheid is veel belangrijker :D 

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