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Life is a Journey to Open-mindedness, Helpfulness and Optimism.
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Ik zet me al jaren in voor het verspreiden van kennis.
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List of important terms Economics of banking

Extensive list of important terms and definitions on the Economics of Banking

  • Availability doctrine: States that spending is always in excess of available funds. Not the price but the availability of credit is the important determinant of credit.
  • Credit rationing: The act of pla...

Economics for IB: Summaries, lecture notes and practice exams - UG
  • This bundle contains Summaries, Lecture Notes and Practice Exams for the course Economics for IB, year 1 program at the University of Groningen.
  • For a complete overview of the summaries & study service offered by JoHo and the available printed summaries for this course, vi...
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