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What is the difference between sampling error and sampling bias?

Both sampling error and sampling bias are important concepts in statistics, but they represent distinct phenomena that can affect the accuracy and generalizability of research findings. Here's a breakdown to clarify the key differences: Feature Sampling Error Sampling Bias Definition The inevi...

What is sampling bias?

In the realm of statistics, sampling bias refers to a systematic distortion that occurs when a sample does not fairly represent the entire population it is drawn from. This distortion can lead to misleading conclusions about the population if left unaddressed. Here's a breakdown of the key points a...

What is content validity?

Content validity assesses the degree to which the content of a test, measure, or instrument actually represents the specific construct it aims to measure. In simpler terms, it asks: "Does this test truly capture the relevant aspects of what it's supposed to assess?" Here's a breakdown of key points...


This blog features useful websites with commonly used datasets for socio-economic research. AMECO database

  • The database contains data for the EU, the euro area, EU Member States, candidate countries and other OECD countries, for a total of over 40 countries

Board of Governors...


Theory of statistics

  • The first years that you follow statistics, it is often a case of taking knowledge for granted and simply trying to pass the courses. Don't worry if you don't understand everything right away: in later years it will fall into place and you will see the importance of the...


Learn, study or share statistics worldwide Search and find summaries, study notes, tips and tools for Business, Psychology, Pedagogy or Social Sciences

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