Tips: What are WorldSupporter Tips & Suggestions andand how to create or use them?

What are Tips & Suggestions?

  • With Tips & Suggestion you van make a short tips on job opportunities, exams, packing lists, travel destinations, tours, local customs, your favorite world recipes, events
  • This basic tools allows quick additions to your Profile page.
  • When your message needs accompanying images or comprehensive text, creating a blog, media page of even a bundle would be a better option

How to add Tips & Suggestions?

  • The more information you add to your contribution the more specific people can respond or share the content outside WorldSupporter
  • Examples:
    • You can recruit new colleagues here for yourself or an organization that supports you
    • Post your favorite international recipe
    • let other supporters know which event to visit
    • Share exam tips or examples of exam questions
    • Ask fellow users to share specific study materials
    • Ask for help with the paperwork that comes with your trip around Central Asia by horse
    • Call for used travel equipment or supplies for your project

Where to add Tips & Suggestions?

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