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Mini CV
Travel & Move: 
WEhn asked about my most special travel experience, a lot comes to mind. First of all, I have always appreciated the travels that we made as a family.
Not only due to the variety of destinations, but also because at these times our family of six has the time and opportunity to fully be together. A more concrete special experience is visiting a budhist temple with my mother, where we both enjoyed the experience of meditation in a very unique environment.
Experience & Leisure: 
I must say that when thinking about this question, I mostly think of all the things that I would still like to do and contribute and the fact that my contribution feels very small at these times.
Something I enjoy very much and think that makes a positive contribution is preparing meals and sweets for family, friends and neighbours. This is especially the case with my senior neighbour who I bake for from time to time so she can take it to her card games.
Learn & Develop: 
I very much enojoy learning and teaching. In accordance, I have been tutoring children since a very young age and still doing so at this time.
My most special experience was when I was still in primary school tutoring a boy from year one. This boy was autistic and had quite some trouble with contacting with other people. His reading skills were amazing, so we had very much fun developing these skills even further. During the first session, about half way through, the boy starting crawling on my lap, where he spend the rest of the seission reading out loud to me. When the session was over, I got a big hug. His mom saw the situation onfolding and was very emotional; this was a very special experience.
Help & Change: 
I volunteered in a hospitol for some time, which was quite a special experience.
Work & Initiate: 


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