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Mini CV
Travel & Move: 
My most special experience during my travels was visisting a traditionial tribe in a small village near Sapa, Vietnam. I was blown away by their old-fashioned way of life and general kindness
Experience & Leisure: 
One of my contributions to the Wordl during my leisure time is attendig demonstrations against nationalism and other more specific social problems regarding intolerance in society.
Off course this contribution is subjective, but in my opinion there's way too much intolerance and hatred in this world, which is making this world a bad place to live.
Learn & Develop: 
A couple of years ago I attented a school trip to Suceava, Romania with the focus of helping people in this poor area of Europe.
For 2 weeks we gave lessons in English at a school there and we assisted a couple of days at an institution for orphans and mentally weaker children.
Help & Change: 
Recently i became a donator of Amnesty International for a program that is fighting for gay rights in Islamic countries.
Work & Initiate: 
My favorite employer so far is Albert Heijn, which is not that hard since it is my only employer ever.


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