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My Latest Activity

I've bundled together a few interactive games you can do with children when you're volunteering, or right at home!


Teaching or doing volunteer work abroad? Here are some fun group activities you can do with children or in a team!

5 easy things you can do right now to help better your environment

In countries like the Netherlands we are lucky to have efficient systems for processing and recycling trash. Many homes have efficient heating systems that limit the amount of resources we use when we're at home. All passenger trains are powered by stored wind energy and electric vehicles ...


Een knallend optreden tussen de studieboeken en de kratjes bier, een intieme literaire voordracht onder een hoogslaper of een cabaretier aan de eettafel. Bij Stukafest worden studentenkamers in 15 steden omgetoverd tot mini-theaters waar muziek, dans, cabaret, poëzie, literatuur en theater cent...


Wie aan Bali denkt, ziet al snel witte stranden, oude tempels en uitgestrekte rijstvelden voor zich. De tentoonstelling BALI - Welcome to Paradise toont niet alleen dit paradijselijke beeld, maar laat ook de minder idyllische kant van Bali zien. Ontdek hoe het paradijs onder druk staat, maar dat de ...

Latest Activity of My Favorites

Valentine’s Day is in Finnish called Ystävänpäivä and the idea is to celebrate friendship. Ystävänpäivä in Finland is a public declaration of friendship since 1980. Friends give each other gifts and cards. This date is not connected to romantic invo...


How I became a volunteer at Bureau Buitenland in the Philippines I remember seeing an add to apply for volunteer to volunteer to visit dutch people in Filipino jails. I was curious and thought, perhaps it is good to help someone locked-up and to give them some inspiration and comfort. And I did, I a...

  • I follow Gretchen Rubin, writer of the Happiness Project, already for a while. A couple of years ago I discovered her 21 for 2021. Now it is 24 for 2024.
  • And she has a resolution for all of us in 2024 24 minutes of writing every day or 2 times 4 minutes of writing every day. N...
Chinese Moon Cake Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival  The Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated every year around september or october, the 15th day of the 8th lunar month to be specific. In 2023: 29th of september. In 2024 17th of september. After the Chinese new year one of the biggest festivities. It is on the day that the moon...