5 easy things you can do right now to help better your environment

In countries like the Netherlands we are lucky to have efficient systems for processing and recycling trash. Many homes have efficient heating systems that limit the amount of resources we use when we're at home. All passenger trains are powered by stored wind energy and electric vehicles are on the rise in 2019. Still, we impact our environment and its health every day and while we can't prevent it, we can certainly take steps to limit the damage we're doing.

If you want to help better the environment but you don't know how you can start contributing, this list is a good place to start.
You can help the environment by doing these 5 simple things, and on the plus side, your wallet will thank you later!

1. Limit your water usage

People who have traveled to countries where water is a limited resource will all tell you that, upon returning to their home country, started taking shorter showers. Our world's population is increasing and so is our usage of water. Don't leave the tap running when brushing your teeth. Wet a towel and wash your face with that instead of with tap water. By taking shorter showers you save yourself some money at the end of the month too!

Watch: "Take shorter showers"

2. Turn the lights off in the rooms you're not in

Easy to do, hard to remember. By turning the lights off in rooms you're not in, you're saving yourself some unnecessary power usage. Sure, leaving that light on in the bathroom once or twice isn't that bad... But imagine what it adds up to over the course of a whole year. You can even invest in sensors so you won't have to hit the switch every time.

Watch: "3 Ways to Turn Off the Lights (Without getting out of bed.)"

3. Use less paper

Did you know that around 40% of the world's timber is used for the production of paper? You do now! The production of all this paper endangers forests and natural habitats. So before you print that ticket for your concert, boat ride or your curriculum vitae for a job interview, ask yourself "Do I really need to print this?"

Watch: "Save Paper to Save Forests"

4. Buy reusable products

Try to limit the amount of disposable products you buy. Get yourself a refillable water bottle or reusable tupperware, and buy a quality grocery bag instead of the plastic disposable ones.

5. Wear a sweater

Especially in winter, it can be quite cold outside. We're humans and we're inclined to turn up the heating when we want to warm ourselves up. Instead, try putting on a warm sweater and those nice-looking winter socks with the funny print on them that you got for your birthday three years ago. By dressing up warm you'll save yourself heating costs at the end of the year and, over time, you'll get used to it!

Watch: "National Sweater Day"

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Wat een leuke inspirerende

Wat een leuke inspirerende bijdrage! Ik merk dat ik het af en toe heel fijn vind om dit soort goede tips te lezen om zo mijn gedrag te blijven veranderen voor het goede doel! Wat voor mij ook een inspiratiebron is zijn de natuurdocumentaires van de BBC. Zo mooi en tegelijkertijd ook confronterend, waardoor ik me altijd weer extra betrokken voel. 

Helping environment through zero waste

Nice! I just wrote about how being zero waste helps the environment

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