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The Philippines consists of 7,107 islands, of which only a part is inhabited. You will find many Bounty beaches and an amazing underwater world where you can snorkel with whale sharks, for example. Visit one of the small uninhabited islands and imagine yourself in paradise or climb one of the many volcanoes. The Philippines has great differences between rich and poor and has a great cultural heritage. For example, visit the wonderful hand-crafted rice terraces in the North.

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How to prepare for a trip to The Philippines?

Although preparing yourself for travel is different for everyone, here are some general guidelines for your trip to The Philippines. Please feel free to add your personal advice in the Comment & Contributions section. For cheap flights, it is always best to book far in advance, the cheapest seats are always sold out first. Outside the airport is a Grab booth, they can book a Grab taxi for you. Or upon arrival, you can go up (most of the time to the Departure area, better to take a taxi there, less hassle about prices.  Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in Manila has four Terminals, and every terminal is different. In Terminal One, you cant enter as a companion since it is so busy with OFWs (Overseas Filipino workers) at Terminal 3, you can easily go in as a non traveling companion. Terminal 4 is deserted and only for local flights. All airports are near to each other, but traffic can be bad.... so check first. Found a cheap flight? Donate the money...

Waterfall in the Philippines

Checklists: emigration for global nomads, expats and other people moving abroad

You usually only emigrate once and even if you do it more often, the preparation takes quite a lot of work. JoHo has put together a handy checklist, so that you can get an idea of the arrangements that await you. The exact interpretation of each subject varies greatly from person to person. Please share your experience with your emigration preparation on the WorldSupporter platform.

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