Reduce your tourist footprint in Berlin

Reduce your tourist footprint in while you visit Berlin by shopping at SIRPLUS. Buy your groceries in their three Rettermarkts (rescue markets) in Berlin, which sell food that would have been disposed of, despite still being edible. Your purchase immediately helps to prevent squander, but of course you also support the mission of Sirplus

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Have you tried TooGoodtoGo? That platform is in multiple countries active. You have to plan, but can rescue food. Someone told me it will not be good for the Voedselbanken, most left over food will be donated to the Foodbank for the poor. And when you use TooGoodtoGo, they wont have any. I have checked it, and what is said is that the amounts are too small to donate, but enough to rescue for a couple of people. So try it out?

Tried it and liked it

It's also a great way to discover new flavors. Is there something in the package that you really don't like, or is the package just too big? Good reason to treat friends or neighbors (and to draw your attention to the concept).

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