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Years ago, when I was still living in the Philippines, there was a hype about" The Danger of a single story". At least I think there was. I was sometimes so remote, just living a simple life, without any social media or other news. So a lot of things in the world, I have missed. Not that I miss...


Actually Gretchen Rubin wrote the book the Happiness Project. She blogs personally every year something about her Happiness Project. I was inspired by her and tried to make my own list, a little bit of her and a little bit of myself, custom made. Very personal, but on the other side it isnt.  I...

Poem: "Stufen" by Herman Hesse (English: Steps) - My favorite

When I was an Erasmus student in Alicante, Spain, one of the dear friends I made shared the following poem with me when saying goodbye. The poem really touches me, I love it, wise words and so beautifully written by this German author and poet. That's why I wanted to share it with the world! It's ab...


De twelve elements of sustainable happiness and contentment: contentions Contentions are those elements (values) that lead to a satisfied life, a satisfied group or a satisfied society.These are elements that play a role in the degree of satisfaction you could have as a person or as a group of peopl...


Ik ben weer geinspireerd door anderen, vaak heb ik toch anderen nodig, al is het direct of indirect. Misschien is het woord medestanders beter dan de beschrijving van anderen, ook al ken ik de medestanders persoonlijk niet, op facebook creer je toch een band, als je je met dezelfde doelen bezig...


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