The practice of argument-reconstruction - summary of chapter 5 of Critical thinking: A concise guide by Bowell & Kemp (4th edition)

Critical thinkingChapter 5The practice of argument-reconstruction The first step in reconstructing an argument is to make a list of the argument’s premises and conclusion as concisely and clearly as possible.Making such a list is only the first step towards a complete reconstruction. Expressive epithet: terms used to refer to some person, group or other entity but that characterize the entity referred to for rhetorical purposes. When reconstructing arguments we should strive to display the logical relationships in an argument in the simplest, clearest and most familiar ways possible.Where appropriate, rewrite sentences as either conditional or disjunctive sentences of one of the following forms:If A then BIf not-A then BA or BNot-A, or B.If not-A then not-BIf A then not-BA or not-BNot-A, or not-BRewrite generalizations in one of the following forms, where the blank ‘’ is filled by a quantifier such as ‘all’, ‘some’, ‘most’, ‘not’, ‘almost all’, ect_F are G are not-GThis is not always possible, and doing it will sometimes distract us from other points we are trying to make....

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