Cross-Cultural Psychology of Health and Illness (18/19)


Notes of the lectures for Cross-Cultural Psychology of Health and Illness (CCPHI) 2018/2019. If you want a word document of the notes, leave a comment and I can send them to you! :)  


Bundle items:
Lecture 1: Introduction, Methods and Development
Lecture 2: Cultural transmission, Cross-cultural cognition
Lecture 3: Emotions, Motivation and Acculturation Stress
Lecture 4: Culture and Body-Image, Life-Style and Health
Lecture 5: Intercultural communication in serious illness
Lecture 6: Cultural Aspects of Clinical Neuropsychology
Lecture 7: Case study: Understanding HIV risk in the aids Pandemic's Epicentre
Lecture 8: Problems and treatment of traumatized refugees in Western countries 
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Lecture 8

Lecture 8 is finished! Only lecture 7 needs to be uploaded, I will do this as soon as possible. 

Everything is up to date!

All the lectures are uploaded and complete! If you notice any (spelling) mistakes/errors, let me know! :) 

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