What do women mean when they say that they are 'sexually aroused'?Are they saying that they want to have sex?Are they saying that their present situation is sexually appealing to them?Are they describing what is happening in their body's?Sexual response cycle (DSM IV): Desire --> arousal --> plateau --> orgasm --> recoverySexual disorders in women according to DSM IV Sexual Desire Disorders Hypoactive sexual desireSexual aversionSexual arousal disordersLubrication problem(PGAD)Orgasmic disordersAnorgasmiaSexual pain disordersDyspareunia (pain during intercourse)Vaginismus (not being able to have intercourse at all)Sexual disorders in women according to DSM V Sexual Interest/Arousal DisorderOrgasmic DisorderGenito-Pelvic Pain/Penetration DisorderDyspareuniaVaginismus Unspecified Sexual DysfunctionSexual AversionAll these problems should cause significant suffering/distress or relational problems/ should not better be explained by other mental disorders or only consequence of a somatic illness.All these problems can be..Lifelong: it has been present since the person became sexually activeAcquired: it began after a period of relatively normal sexual functionGeneralized: in all types of stimulation, partners, situations Situational: only with certain stimulation, partners and situationsHyposexuality: persistent or recurrent deficiency or absence of sexual fantasies and desire for sexual activity. Incentive-motivation model:...

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Comments, Compliments & Kudos

Very good bundle!

I see that you have links to other chapters of the textbook regarding sexology, it seems to me that these are all of the relevant chapters! Do I see this correctly? 

Hi Roos,

Hi Roos,

I believe those were the chapters we had to study when I took the course. However, I'm not entirely sure. Which chapters do you mean?

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