The ultimate travel shoe (?)

So recently I was looking for cool, sustainable kickstarter projects and stumbled upon this: also called the ultimate travel shoe 2.0, or the Tropicfeel - Canyon.

The Tropicfeel shoes are shoes that combine all kinds of shoes into one: office shoes, water shoes, hiking shoes, sneakers.. And best of all, they claim to be vegan and sustainable, aka made from environmentally friendly products (recycled plastic bottles and algae bloom). So since I was looking for a new pair of shoes I decided to buy and try these!

The big advantage of these shoes is that they were designed by a group of travel lovers. They drew from their own, and other people's experience to figure out which  qualities the "ultimate travel shoe" needed to have. This resulted in a shoe that promises to be quick dry, odor less, light weight, slip resistant, slip on, breathable and sustainable and vegan. Well, to me it sounds very promising! As does the fact that it was made by fellow travelers, who know what we would like most. Most appealing to me of all things is that it means you only have to bring one pair of shoes for your entire trip (unless you're planning to do some extreme stuff of course). 

The only downside of backing a project on kickstarter is that it might take months before you receive the product, and that you don't know if it's really that good. I've finally received a survey to order the shoes in my size, which means I will probably get them in August. After that I will definitely try them and let you know if they were worth the money. Unfortunately the kickstarter is not live anymore, so if you want to order them yourself you can either wait till they appear on the Tropicfeel website, or order their previous version "Monsoon" on

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