January 12, 2019 - How Art and Music helped me ease my Anxiety

Growing up,  I was not really exposed to art at all but I know I am good at it. Spending hours in school just to make art makes me really happy. Overcoming a problem caused by my family was my intention but as time goes by making art to overcome became a habit. I started sketching dresses imagining my mom wearing each as an ispiration. I was enrolled in a Garment Class to know and learn more of making clothes to be worn.

As soon as I became a 9th grader, I was now taking up a Drafting Class as an Elective. I really enjoy designing buildings and houses and landscapes. That was the time when my family started breaking apart and then all I can remember was I was always drawing, and painting abstracts and listening to music. My best band was Mayday Parade and 5 Seconds of Summer back then. I still remember crying while turning the volume of the speaker up just so my parents won't hear me. I never told anyone about those days but here I am now, ready to open things up as I grow older. 

Music was like a soul that binds on to your mind and body. It enable hidden emotions to be express and carry each fire on someone's heart. Up until now, I listen to music to endure my everyday struggle. I have developed this attitude where I care less of people around me and started ignoring bad vibes that would cause me to break down. So most of the time, do not be bothered if you would caught me up in a room with my earphones in and not even talking just atleast a single word. That's completely normal. On  most days Im trying to create and write music as well, play instruments and tried following tutorials online. 

Some people said I wont be succesful through my habit but I found it very calming. I can focus more while listening to music. And also I am lucky enough to be friends with Musicians that's why I get to have access through gigs and events near me. 

Yes Music is an art that gives life to a dying soul. It is a form of a new world where you can forget all your worries and leave behind every pain you are suffering. But not just sufferings, in every event there could be a music that would match the mood. 

For me, my body is the venue and mylife is the event itself. Music made me stronger than before. At least I get to have time for myself through this. I even learned some important lessons in life that reality cannot teach you. 

Let your rhythmn run throughout your world, conquer each day you live with a music that matches your mood. 


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