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The Art of Making Art (Last Day on Sining Kamalig

It has been months since I started my internship here in Sining Kamalig. I have encountered lots of Artist with different art inspiration for their works. Some are bold, minimalist, edgy, grunge, traditional and many more.  But, despite having one genre in each exhibition, each artwork has its ...

January 12, 2019 - How Art and Music helped me ease my Anxiety

Growing up,  I was not really exposed to art at all but I know I am good at it. Spending hours in school just to make art makes me really happy. Overcoming a problem caused by my family was my intention but as time goes by making art to overcome became a habit. I started sketching dresses ...

A Christmas Party in Baseco - December 17,2018

  In the Community Library with our volunteer, Natsuko Watanabe, our tour leader Ate Tessie,  our interns Deanne Gonzales and Therese Talbo .     Decorating the Community library with origami made by our volunteers and interns lead by Natsuko Watanabe . Baseco’s establish...

Kahimanawari - A solo exhibition by Marco Ruben T. Malto II

"Art is not always about pretty things. It's about who we are, what happened to us and how our lives are affected",va quote that essencially gives he true meaning of art according to Elizabeth Broun. Just as the "Kahimanawari"  that depicts a Filipino norm "Bahala na" (Bathala na) or ...

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