24 september-kindergarten is finished

My dear friends,
I am going to write my little stories in english now, so everyone can enjoy them  I have some last (cute) pictures of the kindergarten I really have to share, yeah including the one with my newloveofmylife and one I ve cheated with .. They are both soo cute !
Today I just arrived in Beijing after a long trainride of 5 Hours (I slept thoughout the whole ride). Didn't get to sleep too much in Shanghai, sharing a room with three other girls means chatting the whole night! In the weekend I finally went clubbing.. Wanted to do that for weeks! And it was indeed crazy just like everyone tells you..  it was a great experience and got to meet many new friends ! Now I am in this crappy hostel in the middle of nowhere (I was little bit, last minute with booking) with a mean witch at the reception.. "Do you want a room with 4 people and shared shower or with 4 people and not-shared shower?" Me: well, does the non-shared shower mean that I have my own shower or that I still have to share it with the 4 others? She starts yelling in Chinese.. Me: "Fine just give me one, i'll only stay on night then".. Sooo I ve spent the rest of the evening finding a new hostel  and I ve found one ... Soo I kind of mis Shanghai a little, but tomorrow I will move, this is just another adventure I will get through! Goodnight 

Ps. Subway stations here are not suitcase friendly, noo elevators 

— in Peking.

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