my dialoque

Hi im Fleur,

when i was in Brazil I met a lot of brazilians, unfortunately most of the people i met couldnt speak englisch and i cant speak portuguese.. But this one time we went to a private school and the students there got really good education and i could have a really nice conversation! the girl on the left on the photo is called Beatriz, i didnt spoke much with her because she was kinda shy. where the girl in the middle is called mallu and wasnt shy at all! she was very spontanious and sweet. she added me on facebook and we still talk every now and then. and then there is the girl on the right and thats me.

my dialoque is with mallu,

first we talked a bit about our background, our families, hobbys etc. i found out that mallu and i have a lot in commen, we have excactly the same taste of tv shows and films. also we think the same about problems like what you should do when you are in a fight with a friend and stuff. 

i asked her what she wanted to do when she got older and she said that she wanted to be a proffesional model, she told me that she was a model already but she wanted to earn her money with it. I said that that wasnt really realistic, not that youre not pretty, but you have to have like sort of a backup plan. She totally agreed and told me that she was going to study journalism, if she couldnt be a model then she will be a fashion journalist. 

then i brought op the subject poverty, and she had a real strong oppinion about it. she thinks its horrible espesially because the poor and the rich live so close next to eachother in particular in rio de janeiro. she said that her goverment wasnt really good eather. the president of Brazil is called Dilma Roussef and she promised an end to the poverty (on reasonable notes) she did not do that and now she is rechosen and a lot of people are mad of this because they think she is a bad president.

i was wondering if kids in private school were friends with kids in public school. mallu said that there were so many kids on her school (private school) who looked down at kids in public school and that those kids felt so much better than the kids in public school. but mallu cant stand that she has actually more friends in public school than in private school. i really understand that because i think the people are less fortunate with what they got are often the kindest and giving people.

with that said i want to end this blog.

Best wishes,




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