creatief knutselen

Enduring tinkering and creative ideas


During a enduringsproject there's a lot of tinkering. A nice example is to knock together a purse from an empty milkcarton. 


1. First clean the milkcarton and leave to dry compeletely. 


2. Cut the bottom from an empty milkcarton as neat as you can. 


3. Do the same at the top of another empty milkcarton and leave the flap on one side. 


4. Fold the cut part in two and staple the inner flaps together. 


5. Make a hole in the flap. 


6. Put an elastic hairband through the hole and you can close the purse. 


TIP: Don't make a hole, but glue velcro between the flaps for the shutting. 


Once you have finished the enduring purse, you will get a lot of creative ideas. You can use the carton as a pattern for a purse that you make out of a left over piece of leather or out of firm material and in stead of an elastic hairband use a pushbutton or a firmstring. 

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