At our last project, Lwengo, I went into a classroom with Fleur and Kim. The kids didn't have class, so we talked with them about school and we teached them some Dutch. A few days before I had already been talking to some girls in their sleepingroom and I saw a very adult-looking girl walking around. The way she walked and observed everything made me want to talk to her, but then she left the room. On that day in the classroom I saw her again and we talked a bit. She told me she was 14 and I asked her what she would like to become in the future. Like lots of others, she answered: Lawyer. The next question I asked was why she wanted to become a lawyer. 'I want to help poor people who cannot pay for a lawyer and make the world better.' This really touched me. She seemed so adult and she knew what she wanted. She also told me(and the others) that she wanted to finish her exams, but she had to go home for one week because of the holidays. After finishing primary school she wanted to go to secondary school and after that she wanted to study to become a lawyer.

We talked about home and she told me she had lots of brothers and sisters, but mostly brothers. Two of them had died. I told her I only had one sister, which amazed her haha.

On friday we(our group) organised some games for the kids and after that they were allowed to go home. Pauline came to say goodbye to us: 'I don't like goodbyes,' she said, 'It always hurts me'. And it hurted us as well...

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