Dora the Explorer has arrived!

has arrived in a town full of Lorelai gilmores (if this ref is lost on u, just imagine ppl speaking at 1.5 pace.) oeh and the keyboard is weird so just imagine some smiley faces here and there. 
So u arrive at the airport and ofc noone there to pick up up, forgot to print the address, for calling u have to predial some extra numbers and it is 3 in the morning. ´what do u say, excuse me´ are the most important spanish sentences Ive learnt. 

My host family is truly adorable and amazing! After one week I can also understand them and have conversations which is quite a pre. Here with 3-4 other students of the school which is nice! 

Ill just go over some anecdotes cz Im in a hostal waiting for our bus and dont have too much time :P

So when I just arrived I was never woken up for anything not for breakfast. I did not know what the word for tired was untill I looked it up. And app the ´hermanas´ kept asking me if I was tired and I thought they meant how i was doing. So a lot of smiling and si sii it was :P

Were lucky cz we can just walk to school, for about 20 minutes. Really happy I am not staying in the capital cz going to school is like smoking a pack of sigarettes. But its pretty and the people are nice!

So lemme thinkkk.. Also had salsaclass which was really awesome and taking a private lesson later this week just for the fun of it. Gotta find a salsabar this week :D

I am writing this from a hostal in Baños.. Where me and 2 other girls  from Yanapuma my school went for a weekend trip (were an interesting combination and jokes like a Norwegian, American and Dutchie walk into a bar..).Anyways its gorgeous, we went hiking (which my dutch legs couldnt handle that well) sat on a swing above the end of the world, went canopeing (?). Aand this morning picked a random hot spring (something Baños is famous for) to relax. We ended up with about 100 Ecuadorians in a pool and us the very obvious foreighners. We had the true local experience! natural 50 degree baths & icecold mountain showers afterwords.

In the spanish lessons (3 hour personal class, read very intense brainpicking) we talk also about the situation in the country and it is very interesting. I will give a better picture about the country when I am a little bit more educated. 

Just wanted to post 2 article that are far more interesting than my blog: (Check out the US and european countries)
Cant find the other one..

Alright peopless Ill try to post some pics later as well! 

ps. oeh btw the food here is very very fat and sugary and salty. Feel like a diabetic with the amount of water Im drinking here. And the word vegetables is not something you encounter much :P . Not really by the Piramid diet I guess! Dinner is always, potato-cheese soup and rice and cucumber with sometimes some meat. 

Ciao :)

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