Lesson 1 on Healthy Nutrition

Education Category: Health
Ages: 8-12, 12-16, 16+

This booklet guides health workers to educate children about healthy nutrition, in an appropriate way.

Note: the discription below describes lesson 1 of an educational program on healthy nutrition. In total the program comprises 5 different lessons, which are all available in the World School Bank. Please find the program's introducation as well as extra lesson 1 material attached.

Lesson 1 - Nutrition


  • Internet for the informative song
  • Chalk board or big sheet of paper
  • Markers


  • Read through the lesson
  • Make sure you have enough knowledge on nutrition
  • Familiarize with the environment and society to see solutions
  • Video clip ready to show and know the content of the video


What is nutrition?
The word nutrition is very vague for children. In this lesson, the main goal is to define to the children what nutrition is and why it is important for our bodies. Topics that are worth mentioning are attached to this program. The fact sheet that can be found in the attachment can be copied and handed out to the students. At the end of class, please hand out the strip-cartoon added as an attachment.

How can we influence our physical well-being?
Children at a young age are not aware of consequences of a bad diet or the positive effects of a healthy diet. You have to show them, in a playful manner, what they should consume and why they should consume those products. Show the video clip ‘Food Pyramid – Full Episode’:

To make the video clip easier to comprehend, the lyrics are added as an attachment. Copy these for the children. After showing the clip, make sure the message has come across and let the children discuss about what they have just seen. In this way, they will understand and remember it better.

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