What is collected in the bundle?

This bundle contains a summary of all the articles that are needed for the course "Childhood: Developmental Psychology" given at the University of Amsterdam. It includes the following articles:

  • Bjorklund & Causey (2017). Biological bases of development” – Article summary 
  • “Kuppens & Ceulemans (2019). Parenting styles: A closer look at a well-known concept”. – Article summary 
  • “Taraban & Shaw (2018). Parenting in context: Revisiting Belsky’s classic process of parenting model in early childhood.” – Article summary 
  • “Tucker-Drob, Briley, & Harden (2013). Genetic and environmental influences on cognition across development and context.” – Article summary 
  • “Gross (2010). Emotion regulation.” – Article summary 
  • “Zelazo & Müller (2011). Executive function in typical and atypical development.” – Article summary 
  • “Hay, Payne, & Chadwick (2004). Peer relations in childhood.” – Article summary 
  • “Matthews et al. (2020). A longitudinal twin study of victimization and loneliness from childhood to young adulthood.” – Article summary 
  • “Schaffer (2006). Social and personality development.” – Article summary 
  • “Pomerantz, Ki, & Cheung (2012). Parents’ involvement in children’s learning.” – Article summary 
  • “Roehrig et al. (2012). Effective teachers and teaching: Characteristics and practices related to positive student outcomes.” – Article summary 
  • “Tomasello (2010). Language development.” – Article summary 
  • “Dehaene (2011). The language of numbers”. – Article summary 
  • “Dehaene (2011). Small heads for big calculations.” – Article summary 
  • “Bjorklund (2012). Children’s thinking: Cognitive development and individual differences.” – Article summary 
  • “Spilt, van Lier, Leflot, Onghena, & Colpin (2014). Children’s social self-concept and internalizing problems: The influence of peers and teachers.” – Article summary 
  • “Susperreguy, Davis-Kean, Duckworth, & Chen (2018). Self-concept predicts academic achievement across level of the achievement distribution: domain specificity for math and reading.” – Article summary 
  • “Traub & Boynton-Jarrett (2017). Modifiable resilience factors to childhood adversity for clinical pediatric practice.” – Article summary
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