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Cecile, I don't know what to say! Reading that first line got me really sad, but your blog is so inspiring... Beautiful!! I love reading your blogs, you really do seem to care, and you write with so much passion!

Now I'm all mixed up with emotions :S

Hi Coosje

What a lovely comment, thank you so much

Wow Cecile, that was pretty

Wow Cecile, that was pretty hard to hear. I'm amazed at how you handle yourself and how strong of a person you are. Respect.
Also I really like the title for this blog haha. Keep us up to date, will ya?

Hi Dennis,

Thank you so much, I just realized I didn't write my current health status, but I'm just fine! :) so don't worry.

Lots of love

For Cecile

Cecile, I am just speachless (or typeless haha ;-)).

First of all, I am so glad to hear that your current health status is good. I can imagine that this disease has changed your life. It would have been really hard to deal with when you heard your diagnosis! This blog shows how strong you are and that you are not someone who gives up.

I already admired your blogs, because they are so diverse and the open-minded writing style. But this blog is really inspiring and gives me the feeling that I also have to change my mind set.

I am convinced that someone with such a special view will succeed an international career! So, keep up the good things ;-).

Lots of love

Dear Elise

thank you for your loving words, feel so honored that I inspired you to change your mindset!!

Lots of love for you

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