Cyprus vs plastic - Zakaki Marsh Cleanup Part 2

Hello! The next nature clean-up event by Let’s Make Cyprus Green will be on Saturday, April 20th @ Zakaki Marsh in Limassol from 10:30 am – 12:30 pm.

Meeting Point – and registration please visit the Let’s Make Cyprus Green website

They will provide:

  • Recycling/trash bags
  • Refreshments
  • First aid kit
  • Face masks (for those who prefer to wear.)
  • A truck (but please bring yours if you have one – – it would help a lot!)
  • Garbage bins
  • Garden & latex gloves, however, we recommend that you bring your own gloves if you can just in case we run out of your size (gloves that are a thicker material to prevent any potential injuries).
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Waste project in Baseco, Manila by World Experience Philippines

Waste project in Baseco, Manila by World Experience Philippines


The slums of Bataan Shipping and Engineering Company Compound or simply BASECO are considered to be one of the poorest of the country. The slum and its surrounding waters are packed with litter and the smell of the waste can be overwhelming. To tackle the waste problem World Experience Philippines (WEP) set up a project in which local waste collectors and educators will try to clean the street from within the community.

WEP is working together with Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission (PRRC) to implement a pilot project for 12 months in Baseco (Port Area, Manila) which consists of:

  • the regular separate collection of three different waste streams
  • their intermediate storage at a Waste Transfer Station, which has been will be constructed and which is being operated under the pilot project.
  • and their subsequent environmentally sound management

The objectives of the project are:

  • To improve the collection and management of waste in Baseco
  • To show the community how to reduce and manage waste, including sorting at source.
  • To reap the hygienic, health and environmental benefits of improved waste management.

The pilot project is financed from a grant by donors of Smokey Tours and will run from September 2018 to September 2019

The households are asked to sort and separate their waste in three different categories: Biodegradable, Recyclable and Residual. On several locations in the area the waste can be dropped off and will be collected by the waste collectors. The three waste collectors, financed from the project budget, collect the wast 6 days per week. The three categories of waste are further seperated at the main waste collection station.

Rijn CleanUp 2024 in Nederland & Duitsland

Rijn CleanUp 2024 in Nederland & Duitsland

Rhine cleanup landscape

In 2024 gaan we proberen om een nog groter deel van de oevers van de Rijn te ontdoen van zwerfafval. De Rhine CleanUp editie 2023 trok al 50.000 deelnemers verdeeld over vooral heel veel Duitse delen van de Rijn. Op 14 september 2024 kan je jouw Rijn actie opzetten of aansluiten bij een van de vele bestaande acties en zo helpen ook het Nederlandse deel van de Rijn aan te sluiten bij deze grootse actie. Door zwerfafval aan de oevers van de Rijn op te ruimen voorkom je dat het in zee komt, maar je zorgt in eerste instantie ook gewoon voor een gezonder ecosysteem voor de

Join one of the weekly beach clean-up actions as a tourist in Thailand, Vietnam, Romania and more

Join one of the weekly beach clean-up actions as a tourist in Thailand, Vietnam, Romania and more

Trash Hero Volunteer Action

Volunteer for one day. Making a difference during your holiday is not so easy. But, with the local trash hunting events of Trash Hero you can easily join a beach clean-up or nature clean-up just for one day and make a part of your tourist destination better. It is a great way to meet local people and leave your holiday destination cleaner than when you arrived. No costs are involved, no experience needed and no further obligations. When you travel to Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Serbia,