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Travel & Move: 
I once went to Iguacu in brazil with a airplane.
Our charming pilot took a moment to slowly circle directly over the falls, evoking groans of nausea in some of my fellow travellers, but mostly encouraging us to press our faces against the windows to get that first glimpse of the beautiful view. A short flight over the national park entrance was all it took to begin to understand just how vast and significant the falls really are. I had little appreciation for how big this system really was, and although that bird’s eye view was essentially a tiny fragment of this natural wonder, it was truly one of the most amazing sights I have have ever seen in my life. One that i cannot and will not forget. All i could think about was "I wan't to cross this land with my own two feet". Before leaving for my trip a friend had advised me to get the famous ‘rainbow shot’ and recommended being prepared at all times with camera in hand. It paid off; whilst I may have over a hundred photos of the falls, the few I managed to capture with a rainbow formed over the edge, bouncing off the watery mist as it plunges over the rocks were absolutely worth it, and really showcase the beauty of the trip.
Experience & Leisure: 
One of my contributions to the World during my leisure time is
Learn & Develop: 
I donate a lot, some of the organisations i donate to are: Unicef, American Red Cross, WWF and rheumatoid arthritis.
Donating is something that is easy to do, so i decided to go to a food bank and help out. I did this for a couple of months and met a lot of kind people who told me about their lives.
Help & Change: 
I support World Supporter by sharing my profile
Work & Initiate: 
My favorite sustainable employer (so far) is


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