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Tweedejaars student Psychologie aan de Universiteit van Leiden. Bachelor Media, Informatie en Communicatie aan de Hogeschool van Amsterdam behaald.
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My Latest Activity
  • HC 4 Sexual Dysfunction in female 
  • HC 5 Sexual Dysfunctions in male
  • HC 6.1 Sexology Research 
  • HC 7.1 Gender Dysphoria (GD)
  • HC 7.2 Paraphilic disorders
  • HC 8.1 Sexual Abuse
  • HC 8.2 Sex offender treatment 
  • ...

Lecture 6: Cultural Aspects of Clinical Neuropsychology
  • How can culture affect neuropsychological function?
  • How does culture influence neuropsychological assessment?
  • Illiteracy
  • Effects of being in a minority group 
  • Implications for clinical practice
  • Aging, prevalence of MCI and dementia
Lecture 5: Intercultural communication in serious illness
  • What is serious illness is and what the role of communication in serious illness is
  • Cultural differences in serious illness perceptions
  • Cultural differences in patients' need to know
  • Cultural differences in patient's need to feel known
  • What i...

Lecture 1: Introduction, Methods and Development
  • Culture: what is it?
  • Development
  • Research methods
  • Overall considerations
  • Health and Illness: positive concept of health and negative concepts of disease/ illness/ sickness are defined differently in different cultures!  Culture influences...

Latest Activity of My Favorites
Study guide with Group Performance by Nijstad

Study guide with Group Performance by Nijstad Online summaries and study assistance with the 1st edition of Group Performance by Nijstad

  • For Dutch Booksummary with Group performance, see: Boeksamenvatting
  • For Dutch glossary with Group performance, see: Begrippenlijst
  • For s...